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I got our kitten at SPRINGDALE ARKANSAS ANIMAL SERVICES , there were so many animals SO MANY wanting a loving home 🙁 !!

If you want more info on adopting an animal


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  1. I hate to be negative but you should have been set up before you got her! Taking a kitten to a pet store before she’s even got to her new house is cruel! She’s already going to be scared nevermind taking her to a store 🙁

  2. please adopt a black cat … black cats are never being adopted because of their color and because people think they are bad luck but actually they are good luck so please black cats are the least ones to be chosen at the shelters

  3. What breed is the cat?

  4. I hate when people do baby voices.

  5. your not supposed to open the box in the car

  6. You should adopt a kitten based on its personality not its cuteness.

  7. insert creative name here

    Can you do an update video on her?

  8. cant believe you took your newly adopted kitten to a store before even getting her home. unbelievable

  9. it made me kinda sad that you did adopt that black one bc you could tell he wanted to get out and play : (

  10. today I adopted Missy and im so happy x3 she is 2 months old but she is so tiny and kawaii

  11. Are you Muslim, I noticed you said Wallah 🙂

  12. People should REAAALLYYYY adopt older cats .

  13. omg…U should never ever take the kitten out of his box on the way home.It is the most horryifing experience.I dont even have a cat and i know this.Pls do some research before u get a pet

    • +Unicorn Dvst She’s was finnee you guys.. thank you guys for caring for my baby tho 💖 She’s grown up to be a very safe silly Kitty 😌 next time I’ll be more cognizant (:

    • Jasmine Coreas yes she does want to get out but she will be more scared because of all the noise. Its good you are giving her attention but you could of waited till you got home.. Sometimes this can cause your cat to be more scared of you when she is older. im not saying this in a negative way im just correcting your mistakes

    • Jasmine Coreas Oh okay then,understandable. I though that whatever happens,you should not take the kitten out cuz it will freak out.I guess you know more :’) My bad.

    • Greavie true but somehow the cat is so cooperative

  14. you should adopt one more because she is alone

    • that is kitty and i had ever bought a kitty named ciko ,and everynight he is always meowing because there are no his sibblings,then one day i say to the seller(the seller is my cousin)if i could borrow her other kitten,and she said yes.Then when it was night time,ciko didn’t meowing but my cousin’s(the seller)kitten her name is cece is meowing,and yeah cat/kitten still need friend or sibbling

    • Set Jon cats live perfectly well alone

    • Cats generally don’t like other cats, and are territorial.

  15. Your boyfriend has fake yeezys

  16. Love Kitten Adopt Videos 😉

  17. So cute kitten ! Remember people, dont breed or buy while shelter animals DIE.

  18. These poor little cats traped in A fucking cage they dont diserve it🤧

    • Ungekreativ I know but they’re not gonna be running around the whole place… at least they should make a space for them…. right?

  19. that cat deserves me._.

  20. your hair is gorgeous! 🙂

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