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kitten shopping + adoption

so i wasn't planning on adopting a kitten on this day but i guess life is better when you're spontaneous?? (Also would just like the clarify that the pet shop where I bought her is a rescue only pet shop!)

by the way, I called her Archie.

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thanks for watching and thanks for reading all the way down to here. i have so much love for you guys it's crazy! you're my world, i love you xx

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  1. why would you buy a pet from a pet shop and don’t you know that they are mostly from mills….adoption would have been a better choice…cute kitten…just saying..

  2. “I won’t get one today, I probably won’t get one for like a month” :’D That went out the window lol

  3. My cat name is Maya and luna😂❤️

  4. Just 13 more years till I will be able to get a cat

  5. I am fostering newborn in a week!!! YAY #kittens kittens r so awsome can I get 20 likes for kittens??

  6. thats so creepy , she looks exactly like my kitten milo

  7. i love archie omg😂

  8. because same!!!!

  9. AWWWE I have the same kitten🌸

  10. i thought this girl have one million subscribers but I’m shocked now

  11. The Little Strawberry Cupcake

    I’m dead

  12. Aw ur just as cute as ur cat

  13. I LOVE that kitten ♡♡♡

  14. I’m getting a kitten tomorrow!!!!!!😻

  15. Widowmaker Overwatch

    You’re from the same city as me lmao

    Aucklander’s unite ❤

  16. aw you should have more subs 😉

  17. Call her muffin

  18. IM IN LOVE

  19. it’s adorable!!!! omg❤❤❤soooo cute!

  20. Archie is so beautiful and great. I hope you too get to have a good time togetger. I wish I could have a kitten. 😍😍

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