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Shih Tzu dog Lacey 🐶 wants to play with Blue Persian cat Lexi 😾 | Zoomies 💨

As always, Lacey wants to play with Lexi, but Lexi is being a little grumpy, nothing new 😉 So, Lacey decides to play by herself and has a blast running around.
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  1. Are ship tzus a breed you would recommend to first time owners?

    • Very furry breeds do require a lot of grooming though. That includes professional grooming every so often (maybe 4 times a year or more). So keep that in mind, one of my first breeds was a creme colored Lhasa and I didn’t know much about grooming their coats. But! No matter, they’re great dogs. Lhasa and Shitzus (:

    • +Lacey Shih Tzu have a proud loving but jealous cat about 18 months old. I hope he gets used to new 15 mnth shih tzu??? help? will it be ok

    • +ScalesForever Oh, I would think so. Shih Tzu’s are very friendly, smart and loyal. They are also very good with children. Lacey loves all people and animals 🙂

  2. Poor Lacey, she just wants to play with grumpy Lexi…see what happens when Lexi doesn’t want to, lol.

  3. LoL, Lexi is not amused. And Lacey…just want play. Crazy as always 😀

    • +Kat Rogers This is an ongoing thing in our house between these two!  Lacey and Lexi always keep us entertained 😉  Sounds like fun at your house, with three kitties, can’t imagine…  Thanks so much for watching!

    • That Lacey is Hysterical!!  The hissing from Lexi is a familiar sound in my house as 2 young kitty brothers bug their older kitty sister & she Hates them!  But Lacey figures out how to have a great time anyway… with or without Lexi.  Too Adorable… Love It!

    • +Xiedubbel Lexi is grumpy as usual…but, that does not stop Lacey from having fun! 😉

  4. I love those hair flips 😍😹

  5. HAHAHAHA Lacey I feel ur frustration lol, gotta get that energy out from the little cat fight u had Hm? U go regroup urself & think of another plan. Lol

    • +Peekaboo Parrots Lol…  Lacey sure does have a lot of energy.  She always tries to play with Lexi, but that is okay because Lacey will just entertain herself, no problem!  xoxo

  6. Laura G Photos and Film

    The best of breeds !!

  7. Funny Animals - Videoclips

    Nice !!! 😀

  8. That’s exactly what my shih tzu does!! I love my Alfie❤️❤️
    These are the best dogs such patient temperament!!

  9. I guess I am a “worry wart”.  This is very cute, but I was nervous the whole time that the cat would scratch the doggy’s eyes.

    • …that happened to my Lobster while at a sitter, on to a vet opthamologist for surgery. I think this cat is probably declawed. The owner seems way responsible.

  10. That is so funny.. I love how cats will just slap em silly

    • Connie Crawford This happens almost all of the time! You can just imagine what it is like around here between these two fur sisters, lol

  11. That dog reminds me of that Animal Crossing character.

  12. Wow , Lexi has grown so much , and as always they are both beautiful God Bless them and the owner since she has kept them healthy and beautiful . Happy Thanksgiving .

    • +atila540 Lexi’s fur has grown in quite nicely.  Many thanks for the visit to see Lacey and Lexi together.  Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving as well :))

  13. reminds my dog running around the house like mad. i miss my dog

  14. Maria Teresa Goddard

    I love Her so much!! She loves to play .what cute little Princess😘

  15. THAT’S WHY I HATE CATS! Oh sure, dog bite is more dangerous and more painful, dog’s claws are also sharp enough to scatch. BUT CAT SCRATCHES YOU LIKE MOST OF THE TIME! YOU DON’T KNOW WHEN HE IS UNHAPPY WHILE YOU APPROACHN THAT FEELINE! Like dogs bark or growl or gives you a sign to leave them alone, BUT CATS?! YOU’LL KNOW TO LEAVE THEM ALONE AFTER YOU GET SCRATCHED!

  16. C’mon Lexi play with me! Actually that’s how Felix often plays with Bella! If Lexi won’t co-operate then nothing like a bit of Lacey craziness!:) Hugs to you all 🙂

    • +superbellabeau Poor Lacey, she just wants grumpy Lexi to play with her.  Not going to happen…  Although, Lexi will play sometimes and of course I do not have the camera handy 😉  No worries, Lacey is fine with having the crazies all by herself!  Big hugs back to you too :))

  17. Well Diane … Here it is a year later… AND I’m watching Lacey Girl and Lexi again and see them pretty much doing the same things that they love
    To do!!!…Lacey Girl… THE ZOOMIES…Lexi… Stone faced and a snarl ever now and again!!!…LOL LOL…LOL…Anyway I had to drop by again and say “Hello” to my favorite fur babies and good friend… Wonderful evening to Lacey Girl .. Sweet Lexi…And Diane!!!!

  18. Chotisupha (Janjow) Jinutthaon

    Awww I have a shin tzu too! But it’s smaller♥️Her names Latte😊

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