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Squirrel hides nuts in a Bernese Mountain dog’s fur

Squirrel likes to hide nuts in the fur of a Bernese Mountain dog. SUBSCRIBE:
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  1. America's Funniest Home Videos

    Well this hiding place is a lot more fun than your common junk drawer!

  2. SF - Danmarks Grønne Parti

    i want a pet squirrel! *.* 😀

  3. The only thing on evryones mind where did they get the squirrle

    • My mom had a few pet squirrels because we had a family member who found them as tiny babies when he was cutting down trees and my mom raised them (bottled fed them!)

    • +Combatsilverfish I found him as a baby and he won’t leave!  We’ve had him for 2 years now.  

    • They probably bought it as a pet and didn’t caught it, because it seems like a domesticated squirrel, a wild squirrel will be scared easily and will not get close to humans or dogs and the squirrel in the video is not afraid of the human filming or the dog so that means it was raised by humans. There are some counties that allowed to have pet squirrels.

  4. Hahah aww it looks so cute trying to bury the nut in the fur with its arms xD

  5. that dogs look is priceless.

  6. this is sooooooo funny

  7. Hey, something came through the hair mail today. Deez nuts

  8. kim daniel thorkildsen


  9. OMG !!! At :31 I thought the squirrel had a totally bad idea for hiding that nut !


    Them nuts 🙂

  11. The dogs face is everything!

  12. Cas'Angel the Winchester

    That squirrel is a pet and lives inside. The dog and the squirrel are best friends.

  13. I think u should be more conscerned a squirrel was in your house

  14. My fellow squirrel friend. If you lift the tail, there’s a cave above two giant fabled nuts where you can stash all your food.

  15. The dog looks like “What the hell is doing this little guy” Anyway, Berners are one of the most adorable dogs 🙂 🙂

  16. my that a joke what is he doing

  17. I love the dog’s face when the nut falls to the ground. It’s like: “what’s this? you dropped it…”

  18. PikachuFan123456789

    Scrat, is that you?

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