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police dog training. STRONG DOGS!!!

for more videos of police go here:

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  1. 0:42 good job boy, here is a… hey hey!!!! the hell are you doin!!! im not the bad guy he is!!!

  2. that dog jumped on top of that car like that ain’t it

  3. the passion of the dog and the passion is explosive

  4. Thanks for the video. graet ideas. The best ideas that I have looked at was at Brainy paws (i googled it) Without a doubt the most helpful dog training tips that I have ever used.

  5. And to believe someone I’m having an argument with thinks chucky could beat cujo when these dogs are like half his size.

  6. D: WOW O_o !

  7. 0:58 should give this dog to my mother in law XD

  8. If you are an average person (not with law enforcement), can you get your dog trained to be like this?

    • +Kev H Stupid fucking answer u give there. Corey ,dont listen to that bull. Listen to g3fca2a. That person knows exactly what its about. *peace out*

    • +g3fca2a cos you dont get my point at all. Explained it so many times already. Im done with this. see you.

    • +g3fca2a still didn’t answer me tho, my point is professionals weren’t always professionals, so the average person can become a professional if they spend enough time studying dog habits and behaviours, plus i never said i was good at training once did i? why the personal attack? 

  9. There’s a parody video of this with ridiculous subtitles. If anyone knows where to find it please let me know. 

  10. sucks to be the fake criminal in this training video

  11. Very nice,beautiful dogs too.

  12. First you should learn to spell…

    You probably just think it’s ‘cute’ because you look like a ten year old in your picture, I’m twelve years old. You do realize this takes TONS of training, and patience. I train with my German shepherd in Obedience, tracking and agility with a German shepherd trainer and breeder.

  13. dog police train

  14. Сегодня хороший день. This dog is very strong. I’m interesting!

  15. Those are well trained dogs,and aggressive too!Glad I’m not on the recieving end!

  16. asi me gusta engayillando al guia

  17. 0:01 O_o that dog is… A MONSTER ;D

  18. عبدالسلام عمير

    اقول مهو تقرقون علينا

  19. عبدالسلام عمير

    اقول مهو تقرقون علينا

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