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Training Personal Protection Dogs To Protect Themselves! (

Personal protection dog training. Follow us on our website or be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel to learn more about personal protection dog training.

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  1. Adrian Vanderbecker

    I love the dogo, 100% muscle…

  2. Dogo Argentino!!!

  3. pura potencia argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ¿Te imaginás (hipotéticamente) querer robarle a alguien y te corra un dogo argentino y te tire a la mierda? Jajaja al menos me quedaría tranquilo de que el dueño le dirá “Aús!” y me soltará, luego yo mismo me entregaría a la policía jaja.

  4. Rottweiler and Dogo argentinos are equal strong. Both are stronger than pitbulls.

  5. I love Rottweilers. Smart dogs 🙂

    Keep up the good work.

  6. dogo Agentino una maquina

  7. Very nice training , i would never send my dog to attacker if my dog get injured… My next dog will do same , switch weapon Hand… Sry my grammar greetz from germany 😉

  8. these people are neo nazis

  9. Alejandro Doguero Velázquez

    Excelente video

  10. TheAustinTessaDutchie

    No offense intended, just saying most protection trainers are civilians who NEVER had to deploy a dog in a life or death situation. A dog engaged on a decoy in a class is entirely different from a all out fight with a bad guy/suspect. Most dogs do not have the genetics, fortitude or quality training to be in a sustained viscous fight with a man who is fighting back hyped on adrenaline and narcotics. NOT every person runs from a dog. There are some psychotic bad asses out there who will kill a dog with bare hands. Think of a good MMA guy. Have faith in yourself, your dog and the rest is up to fate.

    • TheXander093 I like to see you say the same thing when u have a 100 pound beast of a dogo attacking u with such tenacity that u won’t know how to react fast enough not to mention that if u try to hurt the dog in the process unless u kill it u will not b successful specially with a dogo who’s tolerance for pain is tremendous.. a dogo is more then capable of taking down a full grown man , best believe that!!!!

    • David Norwood correction. The dogo argentino was bred to hunt wild hogs in packs of 4 to 5 dogs in which case they will sniff the prey chase it catch it and hold on to it until the hunter arrives and they were bred to take down a and kill a puma by them selfs along with red foxes and other predators from the mountains in Argentina

    • Stelian Petcovici lol Try that with an attack trained Caucasian ovcharka and I bet the dog will rip you apart. Human are weak compared to animals. Even a 40kg dog can bring down a large male with ease.

    • uh….untrue but thanks anyways. Dogos hunt puma and boar, not kill them and especially not by themselves

    • Bullshit. With good physical constitution (i mean not being a midget and with decent training) any determined male human will kill any dog.

      Here as with dogs, depends on the gameness of the human (applies to all races).

      Is it easy? No it’s not easy but a 70-80 Kg man will either evade the first bite and sit on top of the dog/suffocate him/eye gauge him or if he can’t evade, let him bite one hand and then do the same above.

      You know when a male human will win when his not trying to pull his hand out of the dog’s mouth BUT attacking, hitting and pushing back the dog(again applies with all races).

      YES! most male humans these days are fat shits sitting on couch and doing nothing/having no fucking conditioning but the ones that still have some contact with fighting, military, hunting…. they can kill any fucking dog, even a COA(probably the hardest dog to kill with bare hands but he still has eyes that can be poked if you maintain your calm).

  11. show de video. Show de caes. Show de treinamento.

  12. Just in case anyone wants to know, personal protection training depending on what level you pick your dog to be trained to will cost well over $5k for the training and that’s for level 1. I had my Presa Canario trained level 5 obedience, PP and guarding and it cost me around $13k.

  13. Ding a ding dang My dang a long ling long

    Love the Rottie both breeds are beautiful

  14. El pitbull es el mejor

  15. Milo is a clever one.. Switches from leg to arm and from arm to arm before can get hit by the stick.

  16. I like that they explain it for us those who have no idea how to train a dog to guard

  17. DOGO !! I.I

  18. favorite part of the video was the end when the rottweiler picked up the stick like hey now let me try. .

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