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  1. Are you sure that rat was alive in that 3rd video?

  2. Great video compilation and a rat and a cat can be Great Friends. As an animalprotector I know how different species can live with each other. All the ones with bad comments about that do not have tolerated animals or …. they are jealous I suppose????

  3. At 13:50 i died …omg <3 heart hurt's because of that fluffy ball of cutenes @.@

  4. i’m not sure that the mouse is still alive in 2:37

  5. I think the 2nd video says more about the owners.

  6. 32:42 it stopped YOU LIED TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Tormentation of that poor dog in the square of empty cans

  8. teleioooo

  9. Are you sure that rat’s still alive?

  10. The dog at 0:39 is like “Dude, Y U DO DIS 2 MI?”

  11. @ 4:00, Possie ain’t sleepy…Possie dead!

  12. to the cat at 3:00: “You have disgraced the feline species. I hereby suspend your cat license for all times. You may reapply in ten years.”

  13. 3:39 Too sweet! The rat clings to the little kitty! What beautiful friendship.

    • Can’t be sure or anything, but that rat seems dead to me, doesn’t move at all, it’s so quiet, so could be more like a deadly friendship xD

  14. The rat was dead, and the cat was just savoring the taste.

  15. that rat was dead

  16. 22:11 the cat is killing the dog. Rated R

  17. Wow that cat killed a rat
    Why did she think it was alive

  18. i left auto play on and i end up here
    oh no XD

  19. 15:20 – “no i use velcro.”

    my hero

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