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Teacup Maltese Girl – Molly

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  1. Love  Maltese

    • +LUNA ANGEL Hello my name is Kathy. I live in Huntingdon TN I am looking for a small puppy just like Luna Angel. Can you please help me find a little fur baby please Thank you kindly

    • ลัดดาวัลย์ ตามบุญ


  2. Why no interaction? Instead of filming through glass why didn’t you get in there and play with her? Also where is her water bowl?
    She’s lovely, but you need to be more in touch with her, not leave her in a closed off room, even if it does have glass. When she sees you on the other side it can make her feel even more isolated.

  3. What kind of batteries does it run on?

  4. Thats is the cutest dog i’ve sen

  5. why these puppies are prisoned and tortured

  6. She is like the cutest thing ever

  7. that dog looks miserable, she just took her out of a cage and put her in a slightly larger cage. My yorkie has its own bedroom with an actual bed and everything else, and roams around the house freely

  8. I’m melting

  9. My Chloe was 17 when she passed god I miss her.

    • Sorry to hear that, hope you find yourself another cute life little fellow. My little Lola is also a Maltese and I’m blessed to have her. Take care 🙂


  11. Αναστασία 아나스타샤 Anastasia

    I have the same breed 😍😍😍😍 His name is Felix and he’s 3 months old 😘😘😍😍

  12. there is no such thing as a teacup  maltese or a teacup chihuahua, or teacup anything. the term is used by shifty breeders to sell runt pups for high prices,   your puppy is normal size and will grow into a regular  size maltese,

  13. that dog. is pretty and cute. what Her name is

  14. Fluffymuffy Pelican

    Why is she in prison?? poor dog ,how cruel

  15. I’m highly against this organization because of it’s unethical breeding choices and lack of ethics, but I do have to admit that Molly is one cute little peanut.

  16. This video gave me diabetes.. because it’s so sweet.

  17. Moffe Liten - Glafo

    Where’s her food and water. There’s nothing there. Not even a toy

    • Chill out, stop pretending that just because her bowl is empty right now that she’s being abused. She could have just had her bowl cleaned.

  18. why is it in prison? 🙁

  19. i wsh they werent 4000$

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