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Massive Newfoundland thinks he’s a lap dog

Boss the Newfoundland loves to give hugs and kisses but isn't quite aware at just how gigantic he is! Watch him try to climb up on this woman's lap in this priceless footage!

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  1. what do you mean mommy?….. I’m too big…. I’m just your wittle wittle puppy dog I still can sit on your lap…..

  2. thats a ready for a good time position

  3. Any dog is a lap dog if it wants to be.

  4. If that dog wants to go somewhere, you are coming with it😂

  5. Its like when she gave Boss a hug at the end, he was happy.

  6. Dogs are so loving and lovable.

  7. A big teddy bear

  8. did you hear that beast walking? geeeez

  9. It’s looks like a black bear

  10. What a sweet boy!

  11. We met Boss and his family last month. He is very mellow and sweet.

  12. What’s da name of the dog

  13. this dog want to kill her

  14. I need it.

  15. عالیه آفرین

  16. That’s a dog??? Looks like a friggin bear!

  17. 😬👍

  18. Let Him Have His Dream XD

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