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Newfoundland dog swims in hot tub

Our Newfoundland dog named Odin decided to jump into the hot tub with the kids (Logan and Zack) and swim in circles. Odin is 8 months old. He loves to swim in any water he can find! Yes, it was quite a cleanup with all the hair he left in the water. I had to shock treat the water after that.

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  1. he needs a bigger pool

  2. Not smart to let him in there he has alot of fur an excessive heat like that is bad for them since they have a higher heart rate than us . So ya for the love of your dog


  4. Our dog jumped into our hot tub and she sat there, so we decided to put the jets on she was just chilling

  5. Are you mentally handicapped?

  6. What a good dog!! 😀

  7. my newfie is scared of deep water

  8. your lucky your dog is alive this is so dangerouse

  9. combination of the squeeky kids voices, and massive fluffy puppy make this medicinal for the soul 😀

  10. I assume that Odin reacts to kids the way our 2 Labs and Golden retriever did to kids–namely PLAY WITH ME NOW

  11. awww look how he circles the little blonde boy… that’s instinct there! Wow.

  12. We keep the hot tub heat off during the summer…so it was very cool.. This was the one and only time we let him in the tub. We also shave the Newfies short for the summer months.

  13. Thanks!

  14. Beautiful dog! Great name!

  15. That may be true for some dogs, a newfoundlands will be fine for days. There are built for cold weather

  16. Wow…he must have taken a long time to dry off! Gorgeous dog!

  17. Holy Psalm91

  18. you shouldnt own this dog unless you have a pool, and keeping a dog that size in ur apartment is silly they may not be active but theyre big and they need space

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