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Newfoundland Dog

Amazing what Newfie Dogs can do! This particular one belongs to a friend who lives in California. They actually have two and both of them get to do what they are bred to do and they do it very well.

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  1. Great to see a dog at work! A busy dog is a happy dog!

  2. My friend had a newfoundland that was less than a year old pull a mobile home that was 80 feet by 16 feet. He didn’t have a fence and the dog kept pulling free from everything that he chained it to. He chained the dog to his mobile home and the dog pulled it off its blocks. 

  3. I don’t get how you can have a Newfoundland in California. It’s torture enough for them in the Canadian summers.

  4. am i the only person who feels petrified at the concept of letting my dog swim in the deeper waters of the ocean? Not only am i scared of sharks, but i don’t plan on letting my dog die either

  5. GOOD DOG!!! <3

  6. its a boat dog dude, it was bred to pull fishing boats and nets. -_- stupid troll.

  7. I have heard that for their size they are the most powerful breed of dog — and mammal of any size. I would have expected a big cat or a hyena to be the strongest animal for its size.

    Talk about a gentle giant!

  8. Newfie’s are working dogs and the dog would not have done this if it didn’t want to. Napoleon was saved by his Newfie!

    Its what they do!

  9. That’s one heck of a dog. That’s why I would love to have a newf. I can’t have it in the tropics though. 🙁

  10. LOVE IT! … I miss Duke and Baron … They are very very strong. Ours were bigger than the St Bernard’s. The dogs used to pull us at tug of war … yes we were only 7 and 5, still have picture of my brother sleeping on the one… sigh fun times!

  11. Yes, but that would be due to the temperature of the water rather than the movement itself. Although movement does of course play a part in preventing the temperature dropping below the freezing point.

  12. that too. bust most importantly the movement prevents most ocean water from truly freezing. even in places where there is an ice sheet its still not going to go down past a certain depth.

  13. The decrease in the freezing point of water due to salinity is not more than a degree or two, though. The water temperatures will not go much below that anyway. Freezing, none the less.

  14. actually most newfies are used for salt water rescue, the salt lowers the freezing temp of the water. and ocean water keeps moving for the most part so its never frozen all the way.

  15. cool video. at the end i imagine him thinking come on you can just jump to shore. :):) amazing dogs

  16. If I ever get a pedigreed dog I can’t decide between an English Bulldog or a Newfie. They’re bith so cool!

  17. The only thing that hurts is your ignorance.

  18. There are some people who should just not reproduce.

  19. You guys owe that dog a beer….or whatever doggy equivalent is.

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