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Newfoundland plays dead to avoid tiny angry dog

Boomer knows to just leave little Lady alone when she is in a bad mood. Watch him totally play dead after she expresses her rage. It works!

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  1. When shes in a bad mood? Those little rats always have issues, no matter what mood they’re in

    • John Mason”Tru dat”?!?! Are you serious Lol! You’re a genius.

    • CRTukker They are dogs not rats. Why do people like you have to make such a rude comment. Sounds to me like you are the one who has issues no matter what mood your in. Don’t be so disrespectful. Seriously grow up.

    • tam RY no, it’s fine. Newfoundlands are basically furniture once they’re past a certain age. They don’t bother anybody. That little dog just had an extremely low level of tolerance. Most little dogs do, because they know they’re tiny and act aggressive to protect themselves

    • CRTukker OMG my daughter has same exact 🐶. Poor MOLLY!! Those Pomeranian dogs are feisty little shits!!! But. I love my ROXY.. she is great with kids and she only gets her nasty swing on when someone’s teasing her…I honestly thing you can’t keep a Pomeranian dog with this big Newfoundland…

    • TheGodEmperorofMankind

      Its not an issue with humans ‘all’ those rat dogs act like that.

  2. I felt so bad for Boomer. Poor guy.

  3. I don’t blame little dogs for aggression, I blame the owners because they often let their small dogs get away with murder, due to their size. Small dogs need as much discipline as big dogs

  4. Boomer’s feelings were hurt and he was left in shock. That poor big baby.

  5. Boomer is so sweet and clever, the little dog is so gorgeous too, bless them all ❤️❤️❤️

  6. “No ma’am” 😂😂😂

  7. 0:07 That little dog just turned into Donald Duck for a moment!

  8. Why does anyone ever want little snapping dogs? They always bite.

    • My aunt has the sweetest Yorkie. He just wants to cuddle.

    • 88123z my little dog has never bitten anyone. She’s actually very lethargic and just grunts when people pick her up and force her to cuddle them. She’s my sad little sloth.

    • Mine never did. was chill as hell, is mostly owners at fault.

    • luckdragongirl my point is that not ALL little dogs ALWAYS bite….. & what I was saying about mine was a JOKE. Get yourself a sense of humor & drop the unprovoked, extremely judgemental attitude…. congrats, your pit mix doesn’t bite……that’s not a small breed of dog & your comment thereafter is pretty much irrelevant. But again, twas only a joke, so calm your tits, sit back & enjoy YouTube videos!! =D ~Don’t Worry, Be Happy!!~

  9. Look, lady probably have been telling boomer over and over not to sniff her inappropriately. And he didn’t get the message until now.

  10. It’s funny cause that Newfie could’ve killed that dog with a nibble

  11. Poms can be such insecure little shits! Mine used to act like that. LMAO

  12. Stupid little dog doesn’t realize how lucky she is that Boomer didn’t end that with one chomp.

  13. thats me and my wife

  14. Nasty little rat dog – so vile

  15. Little dogs serve no purpose. Wastes of money.

    • Really Kids true.

    • Search and rescue, police dogs, army dogs, guide dogs, herding dogs, flock guarding dogs, companions, take your pick, Nigel.
      Small dogs do have purposes too. A lot of toy dogs are used as hearing dogs for the deaf.

    • So, have you ever think about what’s the purpose of you living in this world?

    • Really Kids what purpose do big dogs serve? just curious

    • Well that’s obviously a load of BS as many small dogs help people with depression as they love to snuggle. Just cus you see many small dogs that are angry it doesn’t mean they’re a waste of space. I could say pitbulls are a waste of space as they roughly make up 6% of the US population and are repsonible for around 60% of dog attacks yet i fully know not all pitbulls are bad.

  16. I feel like everybody’s missing out on the fact that the Pom growled as a warning for the big doggo to get out of her space, and only attacked when he didn’t listen. But people are right that little dogs are almost never well trained because their owners labor under the delusion that if your dog is under a certain weight, training is no longer a requirement. Also little dogs are less tolerant, usually it’s speculated that this is a defense mechanism for their tiny size. Basically, you’d better take me seriously even if I’m small. A Newfoundland can take stuff in stride because it’s a 130 pound dog that could straight up kill anything that fucked with it if it wanted to. But it won’t.

  17. It sucks that many of these small dogs have these attitudes and get a bad name. I have a 4yr old white shorthaired chihuahua named Mikey who has only ever been sweet. He does not shake or bare his teeth and he is actually quite tolerant of little kids especially when my little nephews come over. He just hides so that they calm down and then he comes out to play. He has never bitten them even when they have gotten slightly rough he has only given them a warning nip. He also doesn’t yap and yap over every little thing. It always worries me when he does bark because he rarely does. Especially when I’m home alone. I guess it just depends on how you raise them.

  18. Don’t you realize boomer was trying to get off on her in a couple minutes. Lady growled showing she didn’t want to mate a couple times (or displayed mating aggression) before finally saying the big no. Sad when dogs are yelled at because their owners don’t know their communication.

  19. That newfounland got wrecked. HAHAHA

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