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Siberian cat on Top of Door

Sascha the Siberian cat loves to climb on top of doors. He gets there by jumping on the bannister at the top of the stairs and from there jumps on top of the door. My other Siberian never does this. Do other Siberian cat owners find it is just the …

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Khione the Siberian cat plays fetch

Jokieva Loutfi Khioné decided one day she wanted to play fetch. And so she did. Khioné is a brown tabby mackerel pure-bred Siberian cat, born in Saint-Sauveur, Québec, in the Jokieva cattery. Jokieva Loutfi Khioné a décidé qu'un jour, ce serait amusant de jouer à la balle avec ses humains. …

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Siberian farm cats, Snowfall,Сибирские кошки, Снегопад,Tyoma, Solnyshko (Sunny), Pooh ,

Siberian cats, Snowfall,Сибирские кошки, Снегопад,Tyoma, Solnyshko (Sunny), Pooh , Tyoma, Solnyshko (Sunny), Pooh ,Siberian cats, Snowfall, Тёма,Солнышко, Пух .22 Ноября 2013 Сибирские кошки, Снегопад Алтай Барнаул #Koshlandia, Siberian farm cats Pooh, Solnishko and Tyoma Пух, Солнышко и ТЁМА Солнышко Тёма #Siberian #Farmcat #cats #catvideo Solnyshko – Solnishko Ginger Cat Котята …

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