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Maine Coon vs Siberian Cat – Difference Explained

Differences Between Maine Coon & Siberian Cats. Maine coon and Siberian cats developed on opposite sides of the world but in very similar climates. On top of their physical resemblance — especially their heavy, longhaired coats — they share an entertaining, affectionate nature. However, they differ in some aspects of …

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Why Anyone Should Buy a Persian Cat

Linc was sleeping on my bed so cute! I couldn't help but to record this video! Notice his paws and fluffy bomb stinky butt! The sole reason you should buy a Persian cat is so you can bury your face in their fur- and they love it!

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FURminator and my black persian cat Batman

Get the FURminator here: Must-have tool if you own a long hair cat! My lovely black fur-ball Batman is shedding lots of hair especially now during the summer. Thankfully I have recently discovered this fantastic tool called "The FURminator" 😛 and it is making my life (and house) a lot …

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Persian Cat Mating 1!!!

This is my very beautiful and loving queen Fifi mating with the stud of one of my friends , Fifi is 16 months old and this boyfriend of her is 5 years old !. During this heat Fifi mated with two male cats .

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