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Tommy Chong Praises Canada For Legalizing Recreational Weed

EXCLUSIVE Tommy Chong is blowing smoke in the face of President Trump‘s supporters and laughing all the way north of the border … ’cause Canada just legalized recreational pot! Tommy tells TMZ … the United States and the rest of the world needs to get with the program and follow the …

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Congressman Cedric Richmond Says Donald Trump is a Racist

EXCLUSIVE The leader of the free world is a racist, and Donald Trump‘s history of prejudice against minorities dates back long before he became POTUS … so says Rep. CedricRichmond.  The U.S. Congressman didn’t dance around the subject … saying on “TMZ Live” Wednesday Trump is a racist and racially …

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George Lopez Gets In Fight with Donald Trump Troll at Hooters

EXCLUSIVE George Lopez had a terrible time at Hooters, thanks to one giant boob who goaded him into a fight … and TMZ has the video. The incident went down Sunday night in New Mexico, where George had spent the week filming the movie “Walking with Herb.” As you can see …

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President Trump Gets Stormy Daniels’ Defamation Suit Dismissed

Breaking News Stormy Daniels is taking an “L” in court in her legal war with President Trump — a judge just dismissed her defamation suit against him. Stormy had sued the Prez for saying she lied about the mysterious man she claims threatened her in 2011 to stop talking about …

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Scaramucci, Lil Uzi & Other Celebs Make Super Bowl LII Predictions

EXCLUSIVE Hollywood seems torn about who they’ll be rooting for this Super Bowl Sunday … literally, this thing’s split right down the middle.   We got a handful of celebs and athletes this weekend and asked them the same thing that’s on everyone’s mind for Super Bowl LII — Pats or …

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