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German therapist faces trial for handing out banned hallucinogens 

A therapist went on trial in Germany this week over an incident in which delegates at a “natural medicine” seminar suffered severe hallucinations. The 52-year-old, named only as Stefan S under German privacy law, is accused of deliberately supplying delegates with a highly dangerous banned hallucinogenic drug. Delegates at the …

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Monster courgette mistaken for Second World War bomb in Germany

Police in Germany were relieved when a call about a potential unexploded Second World War bomb turned out to actually be a monster courgette. A worried 81-year-old called police when he spotted the 16inch (40cm) vegetable- also known as a zucchini – in his garden. Police rushed to the scene …

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Beluga whale learns to ‘talk’ to pod of bottlenose dolphins 

A beluga whale living in captivity with a pod of bottlenose dolphins has learned their language of whistles and clicks, scientists believe. The four-year-old whale was moved to live with dolphins in the Koktebel dolphinarium in Crimea, in 2013 but initially struggled to communicate with her new tank mates. However …

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