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What If Your Next Tweet Was Your Last?

This article deals with the topics of death and loss and may be upsetting for some people. When a person dies, we instinctively look for things they made, did and said in their final days. Things that will remind us of the most recent version of them. We look for …

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Do You Have To Be Rich To Be A YouTuber?

The central promise of YouTube has always been that ‘anyone can do it’, and succeed at it too. It goes hand in hand with the old cliche that YouTubers are people who found success just by making videos ‘in their bedroom’. But anyone who is up to date with the …

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5 Myths About YouTubers That News Headlines Taught You

So it’s been a while since a decent “hit piece” about the YouTube community has appeared in any traditional news outlet. But as creators have become more mainstream, thousands of them have faced plenty of criticism, based on the actions of a few. So much so, that people everywhere are …

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How Long Would Jake Paul Last If He Was A Black Man?

Even in the context of YouTube – a platform with a very serious diversity problem – Team 10’s racial make-up is noticeably one-note. Since I first stumbled upon Jake Paul and the rest of the social media squad’s antics online, I’ve been trying to work out why that is. Surely …

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