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2017 Is The Year Of The Pengest Munch

2016 was rough, 2016 was garbage – on this we can agree. Yet from the ashes of that annus horribilis rose a mighty, chicken-fueled phoenix: The Chicken Connoisseur. The public had many questions when the Connoisseur first came into the limelight: Was this to simply be a one-hit-wonder? Was this …

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The 17 Most Important YouTube Videos Of All Time

These are the 17 most important YouTube videos of all time. We’re using the term ‘most important’ in a loose sense, but just take it to mean videos that made YouTube what it is today. Videos that YouTube simply couldn’t exist without. We’ve left the top 3 up to you, …

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This Is Probably When PINOF 9 Will Be Released

Phil Is Not On Fire (‘PINOF’) is Dan and Phil’s flagship video series and has been running for close to a decade. In the videos, Dan and Phil ceremonially draw whiskers on each other’s faces and answers a series of questions. The duo have been making the videos since 2009: …

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Want To Get A Piercing? Here’s What You NEED To Know

If Tanya Burr’s recent video on ear piercing is anything to go by then ear piercing is officially cool again. In her latest video Tanya braved it in the chair so that she could have another piercing done. And even though it looked a little painful, it also looked pretty …

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