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As Black Holes Eat Stars, They Shoot Death Rays

Close When astronomers caught sight of a massive burst of X-rays that had traveled almost 8,000 light-years to reach their telescopes, they realized it came from a celestial pair known as V404 Cygni, a relatively small black hole that is methodically eating a star about the size of our sun. …

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In 2020, NASA Will Bring More Cameras to Mars Than Ever Before

If you like pictures of Mars, NASA has good news. The agency has announced that mission’s rover will carry more cameras into space than any other, twenty-three. “Camera technology keeps improving,” says Justin Maki of JPL, Mars 2020’s imaging scientist and deputy principal investigator of the Mastcam-Z instrument, in a …

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Sony’s Aibo robo dog is back – and it’s cuter than ever

Remember Sony‘s Aibo pet robot that debuted in 1999? Well, the company just launched a new-and-improved version in Japan today – and it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop a personality over time. Sony designed the robo dog to form “an emotional bond with members of the household while providing …

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Anti-pancreatic cancer drug in research focus

Intriguing antitumor activity is found in a very promising class of natural compounds: cyclic depsipeptides, which have a challenging structure that makes their investigation difficult. Now, Chinese scientists have established the synthesis of a member compound, which is especially promising in killing pancreatic cancer stem cells. They describe its total …

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