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Face Recognition Technology Also Good for Emoji Karaoke

Close The technology that allows users to unlock Apple’s iPhone X with their face has been billed as “the most sophisticated technology [Apple has] ever developed.” So, naturally, people have been using it to make the poop emoji sing. Harry McCracken, the technology editor at Fast Company, started the trend …

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The Xbox One X Is the Perfect Console for Lazy PC Gamers

Here’s a fact rarely discussed outside of nerdy gaming circles: The guts of your video game console actually matter. Once upon a time games were designed to run the same on every console, and in some cases (like the massive multiplayer first person shooter Destiny 2), games are still designed …

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Researchers create world’s first system to measure the force needed to separate a crystal’s microscopic layers

In its proof-of-concept, the team also created more durable gallium selenide crystals. The accomplishment could advance the development of terahertz and spintronics technologies, used in a range of applications from medical imaging to quantum computers. “This is the first time anyone has directly measured the van der Waals bonding force …

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Portable holographic microscope makes field diagnosis possible

The device, featured in a recent paper published by Applied Optics, uses the latest in digital camera sensor technology, advanced optical engineering, computational algorithms, and statistical analysis to provide rapid automated identification of diseased cells. One potential field application for the microscope is helping medical workers identify patients with malaria …

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A/2017 U1: An Interstellar Visitor

Traveling at high velocity along an extreme hyperbolic orbit and making a hairpin turn as it swung past the Sun, the now designated A/2017 U1 is the first known small body from interstellar space. A point of light centered in this 5 minute exposure recorded with the William Herschel Telescope …

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Xbox One X Review: 4K Will Take Your Breath Away

Announced a lifetime ago in June of 2016, the Xbox One X—previously known as Project Scorpio—is finally here. And after a week or so of hands on time, here’s how it seems to be measuring up. First thing’s first: The $500 Xbox One X is not a new Xbox, at …

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