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The misremembering of McGwire-Sosa

If you were there, you remember. If you weren’t, you have no idea. But baseball will never experience anything like the Great Home Run Chase of 1998 again, and in order to get context for the relatively banal decision to use performance-enhancing drugs, you have to remember just how bananas …

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Jose Ramirez leads the AL in both home runs and steals

Cleveland Indians third baseman Jose Ramirez hit another home run on Friday night, adding to his stellar season. At the moment, the 25-year-old switch hitter is tied for the American League lead in both home runs and stolen bases. The live ball era began in 1920, giving us nearly 99 …

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The A’s are surging in the AL West

The Oakland A’s have been charging hard for two months, and their story has morphed from “Here’s who the Yankees will play in the American League Wild Card Game” to “Holy cow they could actually win their division.” The A’s beat the Houston Astros on Saturday, 7-1, the second straight …

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This nun threw out a first pitch so good she belongs in the majors

Sister Mary Jo Sobieck didn’t expect to become an overnight sensation, but that happened on Saturday night when she threw out the first pitch at the White Sox game and blew everyone’s minds. Step aside, Sister Jean. — Cut4 (@Cut4) August 19, 2018 Sister Mary Jo was attending the …

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Baseball’s wild west entices envy from the east

In Sunday’s edition of Say Hey, Baseball, we talked about how baseball’s western divisions are giving us an absolutely fantastic show and could be poised to deliver some of the most entertaining regular-season baseball that we’ve seen in a while. On the other hand, things on the East Coast are …

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