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12 Christmas Desserts IN ONE VIDEO – Kit Kat Forest, Hersheys House, Cakes, Cupcakes and more!

Hershey's Candy House, Kit Kat Christmas Forest, Snowglobe Cake, Snowman Cupcakes and Santa CakePops – just to name a few…

This is VERY different to my usual style of video but I've gathered some of my favourite christmas videos in short, snappy mini-tutorials so you can quickly decide which ones you want to make for Christmas!

Every single video shown in this clip has its own longer version video tutorial with the recipes, instructions and steps you'll need – all the links are below:

Kit Kat Forest –
Snow globe Cake –
Hershey's House –
Christmas Tree Piñata –
Melting Snowman Candy Bomb –
Pullapart Christmas Tree –
Santa Cakepops –
Pullapart Wreath –
Snowman Cupcake –
Giant Pudding Cupcake –
Christmas Tree Cupcakes –
Stocking Cakepops –


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  1. Hi, Elise. Those are some really cute ideas. I really love tat music, it almost sounds like Danny Elfman. I am truly impressed on how they turned out. Merry Christmas, Elise. 😉

    • Thankyou!! Merry Christmas to you too. Xx

    • 💕+MyCupcakeAddiction ily alot ur the best Elise and ur very beautiful someday wen I’m older I wanna get to meet u keep up the good work and dont let haters bring u down like they did to me😥😥😭💕💕

  2. if she expect us to give her good ideas why isn’t she responding I’m like…..😒😒😒😒😒

  3. Intense music

  4. Snowman mean to be happy on christmas YOU MONSTER

  5. OMG The best treat video I have ever see

  6. The random Stuff Show

    Sweet sweet Christmas why does it have to end so fast I wish it never ends

  7. omg, this was exactly a year ago

  8. Won’t the chocolate melt having put a candle in the gingerbread house

  9. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwewwwwww

  10. comments 666 omfg

  11. Kawaiimarshmellow :3

    I know you love kit kats cause you’re making those like every video! 🙂

  12. love the treats and the music

  13. wow awesome videos love them all I will do some for the holidays thanks for sharing

  14. Your so talented.
    Love your creativity.

  15. You know what would be cool with the Frozen snow globe? If there was a way to put an effect that looked like it was snowing. Maybe something like icing sugar and water?

  16. instant subscribe:)

  17. So awesome – I especially LOVE the snow globe! SO CUTE!!

  18. the best Christmas treat video. I love it and I’m going to try some for my kids

  19. OMG who else remembers the old black and green cutting board bg, the the face reveal!!!!

  20. I’m comodo gaming

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