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Home / 3 Kid’s Breakfast and Lunch Box Recipes | टिफन बॉक्स रेसिपीज | Kids Snacks Recipes

3 Kid’s Breakfast and Lunch Box Recipes | टिफन बॉक्स रेसिपीज | Kids Snacks Recipes

Try these 3 quick and easy kids snacks, lunchbox and breakfast recipes. these healthy kids recipes and I am sure your kids will love them.
Egg Fried Rice
Indian Style Veggie Pasta
& Yummy Palak Paneer Puri
You can keep them for your kids lunchbox or make them for evening snacks.

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  1. super I liked fried rice and palak Puri very much

  2. Thanks for the video. Nice recipes

  3. We love you voice 👌

  4. 3saal ke bache ke liye btaye meri baby kuch ni khati h. Mirch to bilkul nhi uske liye kuch btaye vo play schl jati h.lunch mei kya du

    • Amresh Kumar

    • +Amresh Kumar , aap usko suji ke chote chote cheele rakhe, veg noodles, veg pulao, agar fried pasand hai to potato lollipos ya french fries ke saath bread butter rakhe. Us ko khane mai kya padand hai meetha ya namkeen. Aap uske liye aata goonthe samas atte mai palak ya grated tofu or paneer, ubal ker aloo, grated carrots dalen phir atta goonthe.

  5. nice one dear!..but i hav a doubt! is pasta is gud for a toddler!.

  6. Thenku mam .. plz or bh btaye bcho key tifin k liye

  7. Neelam Chhoker panwer

    very nice mam

  8. so tasty yam 😍I love it

  9. thank you so much for shairing such easy recipes…. I’ll try dis for my daughter ☺

  10. Mam, please foil kaise lagaty h normal cook top pr, please Ek vdo bnaiy.. Plz

  11. mam plz sweet corn palak Ki recipe bataye

    • +Anil Agarwal , bikul anil. Mai jaldi he palak paneer ki recipe daloonge aap paneer ko boiled ans sauteed corns se replace ker dena

  12. hi..plz send me sambar recipe link

  13. Nice recipe

  14. hi.i like your videos.I want to ask about palak puri,wether can we make it in advance at night n prepare puri in da Morning?it would really save time

    • you can knead the dough in night. But sometimes dough become very soft and puris will absorb too much of oil. If you want you can knead the dough make parathas instead of puris they also taste yum.

  15. junk foods are not allow to school tiffin

  16. Any other curries go with palak Puri? Other than achar

  17. Hii mam bahut acha lga ymmm

  18. Palak puri is my favorite from childhood. My mom made puries on my birthday everytime with aloo sabzi.

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