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Action Movie Kid – Volume 01

As requested, here are all of Action Movie Kid's adventures thus far in one simple video. More volumes to come. Remember to subscribe to always see his latest adventures.

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  1. This is amazing. I want a kid just so I can do this! 

  2. So cool! Great video 🙂 +Action Movie Kid

  3. This kid reminds me of Zach King

  4. This made me laugh so hard its the best video i have ever watched!

  5. Matheus Gampert Henz

    11k people didn’t have a childhood

  6. Plot Twist : Everything is real

  7. This guy is sooooo good at editing

  8. HI How are You? I work With AE, i´m kind of a beginner, but i already know a lot of stuff. Well, i am very very curious, how would you did, the MC Donnalds Toy/house, getting out of the Floor?? OR even that Elephant that you are ridding with you´re kid, and then it take off? Could you please just tell me how it´s done? Is it All with AE, or do you use a 3D Software for this kind of Effects??
    Thank You Very Much 😉

    • Thank You very Much my friend.. It’s an honor to be talking to you. Your Work is absolutly outstanding, and i Wish i could do half of what you can do. I understand what you´re saying,but in that specific effects of maybe,the elephant taking off, i belive it was with motion tracking,right? but even so, what was left behind in the BG? Because it was all in moving.. 😉 I´m a Litlle confused,sorry 🙂 I will check the channel FAQ´s right away. Thank You so Much .

    • Ricardo Gondim – Great to hear that you’re working with AE! Almost all of my effects or a combination of motion tracking, background replacement, and hidden cuts. I film a master that usually includes James’ performance- then I review the footage several times and film any additional pieces I need for whatever effect I’m imagining. Check out the videos on Action Movie Dad for some behind the scenes on a few of these videos here – including some info on additional plug-ins I use from time to time. I’m pretty good at responding to comments that have meaningful questions on that channel, so feel free to ask any follow-ups there.

    • +Action Movie Kid aq

  9. Kid:shots gun
    Blows guys head off
    Kid:it’s kinda like a real gun

  10. which software ???

  11. you guys are awsome!!!:)

  12. Social Services knocks on the door 3 times a week.

  13. usa o filho pra ganhar viu no iutube que vergonha

  14. Plot twist, it’s the kid who edits the videos

  15. 11K people that dislike I bet don’t have a childhood

  16. Omg This would be the best Action Movie Kid if there were more

  17. 0:57 this kid predicted a trend


  19. Does this kid ever have a normal day?

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