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Adopting Kittens

The day ours were adopted!
We had a hard time choosing as we could only bring two of them home!

Tabby one = Hedwig
Black one = Rufus

Hedwig was mostly alone and didn't play much, Rufus seemed like the only one who could get to him, like they already had a special bond.

If you're looking forward to adopting kittens, we suggest you adopt at least two.
Taking care of two instead of just one takes almost the same amount of time and effort, but it really is a lot better for you and for them.
They're always there for each other and will never be alone.
Plus they're always ready to overwhelm you with utter cuteness!

That's all for now, folks! See ya on the next video!
Now go to your local shelter and adopt some cats!

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  1. I had two black cats and i loved them 🙂

  2. Oh maa Gawd I WANT ONE!

  3. Surprise eggs and stuff

    Adorable I love the ginger one

  4. My mum and dad says they would love to get me a

  5. Those Siamese are really cute, but I expected you were having a hard time resisting the “Halloween” kitties.  The orange one looked very sweet, and the black one really crazy.


  7. im getting a kitten this year some day! seems like I can have a good play and make a card for it to you that I love it!

    • The Adventures of Mojo and Scout

      And, you can tell your parents it’s always better to adopt kittens in pairs! That way you get twice the love and fun and they each get a playmate and someone to learn proper kitten behavior from. Our kittens are amazing and very funny 🙂

    • +A random cat lover it needs a years for me I spent 5 years on making parents say yes and finally I will adopt a cat after a week

    • how did u convince u parents plzz respond

  8. Awwwww there all soooooooo ADORABLE
    I LOVE kittens/cats and I’ve always wanted to have 1 🙂 <3

  9. Oh my god there so cut where did you get the kittens i got 7 years till I move out with my friend and she wants 2 white cats one boy one girl

  10. I LOVE IT sssssssssssooooooooooo nnnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiccccccceeeeee
    Very good witch one do you like?:)

  11. Ur not even adopting anything ur just in your house pretending that ur inside a animal shelter but anyway… Cute kittens 🐈

  12. I have owned nine black and B/W cats and every one was an angel. I now have three and they are all adopted rescues.

  13. Do thay have names

  14. Is so cute

  15. Simese

  16. Aahhhhh

  17. Agree, some animal shelters will not let people adopt black during Halloween, because some people want to do harm to the black cats.

  18. What breed is the kitten at around 10:00 ? I love it so much it’s so cute!

  19. I use to have a kitten name sutty buy unfortunetly he got ran over since he was a black cat but he was so cute!

  20. That’s look like my kit, but my kit got a fox tail *like a fox tail* Idk why but got inherited from her mum Marie :3

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