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Adoption Day | Life with a Cat

Who picked who? Adoption day is a two-way street. For all of you animal lovers out there, please share your amazing stories of how you found your four-legged family member in the comments below!

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  1. Tommy, Gracie & Leo

    It’s so easy to fall in love with a cat! <3 Our previous cat was a stray that adopted us.

  2. We want more tiger videos

  3. My 18 year old cat passed away last October and we didn’t want to get a new cat too soon. But after bugging my parents for a while, we went to a Cats Protection shelter in Stowbridge and by the beginning of January we adopted a gorgeous 5 year old black cat called Buttons – or did she adopt us? I’d always wanted a black cat so I was really happy because each member of my family liked a different cat so I managed to persuade them to adopt her 😀

    • Awww I love black cats so much!! They are so cute

    • Crazy Catfish my cat died last year too but I adopted Monty and he’s almost a year. He’s adorable and a big star in our neighborhood. I walk him on a leash outside just like a dog and he loves it.

    • +Crazy Catfish I really liked what ever you said and believe in it…

    • +Misha Lauridsen Not just older cats – apparently black cats are the least adopted colour of cats because of old superstitions making out that they’re unlucky or something like that. I love black cats so much, I think they’re adorable! I agree very much with what you said about kittens though, older cats should be given more chances.

    • +Crazy Catfish Wonderful ! Older cats are so often left in the shelters as kittens are so much “cuter”. But do new catowners know how much work aand patience a kitten needs along the way ?

  4. Angel Chester 091407

    Adopt – Don’t Shop

  5. ‘Whatever, Furhead!’

  6. My current cat is a rescue, and well….she trained us!

  7. I was adopted by 7 them all more than my own…

  8. Voice reminds me of peridot from Steven Universe

  9. When my Tyger passed away, I wasn’t ready to to get another cat. Tyger was part of my family for 19 years. However in the last couple years I started mall walking for health. There’s a cat adoption centre there. My walking buddy and i would go in for kitty therapy. One day, there was this domestic short hair tabby kitten. He was so talkative and attentive, he raced all over the cage to get my attention. I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about him. I went back and found out he was part of a package. He and his brother were rescues and had to go together. I realized I needed them in my life, so I adopted the pair of the brat boys. That will be 2 years ago in January. They are very different from my special girl Tyger, but they are my kitty boys.

  10. sten erich rannamägi

    the cat almost sounds like peridot from steven universe with the personality and the voice

  11. Cats do tend to invite themselves into your home. My kittens both got adopted because they were so darned friendly and came right up to the bars to play when we approached
    Now I’m lucky if they look at me, but hey, the course of true love never did run smooth

  12. Who is this angelic narrator?

  13. I want a cat ^^

    • All 4 of my cats were rescue cats. The best place to go is to your local Animal Shelter. For a small fee they will make sure the shots are updated, you get the license and spay or neuter your new best friend.

  14. soo cute and funny!!!!i’m a cat lover

  15. What breed is Tiger?

  16. ADOPT a pet!!!!!!!!

    • stormdusk studios I thought the only place you could adopt was from a shelter… lol I’m stupid. Good thing I’m only looking at shelters!

    • +kitten plays I ment kitty and puppy mills

    • don’t shop adopt!!!! shelter animals need a second chance on the other hand many dogs and cats came from kitty and mills reply to this comment if you wish you could adopt all the homeless animals

  17. Most of mine came to me, either as strays, dumped pets or when my parents died. Only two cats were adopted from shelters and they won me over for their looks and playfulness.

  18. My cat came to us in the neighborhood and adopted us that way.

  19. Peridot has been turned into a cat…..

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