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Awaken the Shadowman Official Trailer #1 (2017) Horror Movie HD

Awaken the Shadowman Trailer 1 (2017) Horror Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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  1. slenderman is that you?

  2. Anyone else have no idea wtf is going on?

  3. Get Out meets The Bye Bye Man

  4. I miss those days when horror movies were actually terrifying!

  5. Sauron at 1:23

  6. Nightman cometh #alwayssunny

  7. As soon as I saw Gravitas Ventures I knew it was crap.

  8. Ok now I think I’m sure these video’s get fake likes

  9. Ultimately, this is a disappointing movie. It starts with clichés, develops a whole load more clichés, and then ends without any kind of resolution. Production values are okay, and the acting isn’t too bad, but the plot meanders and goes no where. I simply do not know what happens at the end! Also, I have no idea of the significance or meaning of “the Shadow Man.” The special fx are not at all convincing, and the character isn’t explained or given any development. It’s relationship to the “Lawrence” character isn’t explained and, in truth, the movie could have been re-edited to completely remove the Shadow Man and it wouldn’t have made any noticeable difference.

  10. looks poop

  11. So this movie is Lights Out, but instead of a woman demon entity is a guy this time around…

  12. This is going out today?

  13. Based on sleep paralysis

  14. Nightman!

  15. Bad time to watch this in my basement when it’s pitch Blake and 3:00 am

  16. Terrible acting, no plot, not scary, barely see the “shadow man”… waste of time.

  17. movie budget: $20

  18. I can save you 75 minutes of your life by saying that this has no beginning, no end and no plot. Nothing scarry in it besides some really loud annoying noises with no meaning and no point. If you really want to watch something with an age limit and a plot which is scarry, watch Tinkerbell. It’s a better horror than this.

    • Midhun Radh I thought he killed them all at the end. Two things were clear though. He is clearly on the run so he did something harsh and he is still searching for his daughter.

    • Armeanu’ Armeanu’ i just saw the movie i think he killed his wife after what those people did to the baby.the newspaper cuttings and scratches in his wife’s photos inficate that i guess.any thoughts?

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