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Awesome DIM SUM in Bangkok! – Thailand Vlog

Dim Sum in Bangkok is world class, no question about it! In this vlog, my friends and I went to a classic restaurant that is very well known for their authentic Hong Kong style dim sum: Ah Yat Abalone Forum.

Ah Yat also offers other Cantonese dishes outside of their dim sum menu. There are no carts, so you have to order off the menu. It is located inside the Ramada Plaza Menam Riverside Hotel (previously Menam Hotel).

In Thailand, unlike in North America, Chinese food is pretty pricey as they tend to be more elaborate meals with more expensive ingredients such as seafood. In fact, most good Chinese sit-down restaurants are more expensive compared to Thai restaurants. The damage for our meal was 700 baht per person ($20 US) but we did order wayyy too much, as we usually do, so you can probably get away with 500-600 baht per person for this meal.

Crispy Tofu with Chili Salt
Salted Egg Custard Lava Buns
Crisp Pork Belly
Duck Tongue – If only just to try it!

Ah Yat Abalone Forum
2/F, Ramada Plaza Bangkok Menam Riverside
Charoenkrung Rd.,
Bangkok, 10120



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About Pai:

Pailin “Pai” Chongchitnant is the author of the Hot Thai Kitchen cookbook, co-host of a Canadian TV series One World Kitchen on Gusto TV, and creator and host of the YouTube channel Pailin's Kitchen.

Pai was born and raised in southern Thailand where she spent much of her "playtime" in the kitchen. She traveled to Canada to study Nutritional Sciences at the University of British Columbia, and was later trained as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in San Francisco.

After working in both Western and Thai professional kitchens, she decided that her passion really lies in educating and empowering others to cook at home via YouTube videos, her cookbook, and cooking classes. She currently lives in Vancouver, and goes to Thailand every year to visit her family. Visit her at

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  1. Hi Pailin, the video made me hungry. I was wondering about the chopsticks in the video. Are Thai chopsticks longer than in other Asian countries?

  2. So.. Pailin is engaged????? OR married????

  3. You’re engaged??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. at 2:54 I think that is a rice dumpling or in China they call it the zong zi. They eat it as a traditional food during their dragonboat festival which happened just recently.

    • Zong zi (bak chang) are similar to lo mai gai but are wrapped in bamboo leaves as opposed to lotus leaves. And these different leaves give different flavour and aroma to the rice 🙂

    • That’s my favourite dim sum dish. Please google “Lo mai gai”, there’s even a wikipedia entry on it. This is the fancy version where each parcel is wrapped up in a lotus leaf.

      When I was growing up, my mum used to make a home-made version of this, but steamed in porcelain bowls for a no-fuss preparation. The semi-cooked chicken and goodies were placed at the bottom of each bowl and the seasoned and flavoured glutinous rice piled on top. Then the lot was steamed.

      To serve, each bowl would be deftly turned over and the glossy chicken, mushrooms, sausage etc. would be on top, looking oh-so-tempting. Best eaten with a little bit of plain chilli sauce. Happy memories of my childhood!

    • cHemon oh I see. thanks for correcting 🙂

    • Ban Sarmiento
      “Zong Zi” is known in Thailand as “Bak Chang” (different chinese dialect). I believe Pailin know Bak Chang well but this one looks so much different from Bak Chang in Thailand in general. Also Bak Chang is not usually served in restaurants.

  5. that crispy pork belly looks sooooo goodddd!!!! i loveeee dim sum!!!

  6. Pailin can u upload a kimchi making video pls

  7. I could eat char siu bao every day for breakfast!

  8. i want her to ”vlog” more ^^’

  9. Came back here because of your recent video 😛

  10. So informative as usual.

  11. You should make the crispy skin pork in your kitchen! That is a very popular cuisine in China!!!!

  12. Pai, can you send me how to make chicken soup recipe.

  13. Lol i noticed that ring too …

  14. I have subscribed your channel after watching this video.

  15. That RING?!?! Congrats Pai!! Please share your story with us 🙂

  16. Makes me homesick and want to be there now!!!! Sumontha

  17. Im hungry lin im gonna cook a pork like what you eat lol…

  18. Wow Pailin So Sweet n wonderful

  19. What smartphone do you have and use?

  20. my eyes could notice your ring?? omg

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