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BBQ Beef Brisket With Crunchy Coleslaw and Sweet Potato Wedges Recipe

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  1. “Dad I’m pregnant” Ramsay: Good Gir.. WHAT!

  2. chef, keep your kids out of your videos

  3. Unsweetened yogurt? Someone please help

  4. 5:17 zooming in really skipped an important detail, you always say if you bake your vegetables without leaving a space between them they’ll steam, now I’m not sure if there was a space or not, it kinda looks like there wasn’t any, so how come ? But I’m not sure because it’s zoomed in

  5. chef, please tell holly to get her hair away from the food… should know better

  6. Gordon, you are an amazing chef but seriously, brisket and bbq in an oven? There is no way it is going to be even close to what it needs to be. Apart from that, thanks for the coleslaw.

  7. So it’s not hells kitchen in his kitchen lol I’ve never seen him say please and thank you and “good job” lol

  8. Can anyone tell exactly the rub ratio of spices ?

  9. Yeah its tuff seeing the brisket with a good smoke ring but never the less im sure.its going to be delicious.

  10. lol @ the people bitching. He’s Gordon Ramsay. So, you’re wrong.

  11. Made these sweet potatoe wedges last night….outstanding!

  12. You’re the type of father every daughter deserves!

  13. Fantastic pot roast recipe. Would never have considered yogurt in slaw

  14. Michael Robinson

    What was the oven temperature?

  15. This video made 76 pit masters in America cringe lol

  16. It looks yummy but……..I never did see nuthin like that when I lived in Houston near on 30 years.

  17. BBQ Spit Rotisseries


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