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BESETMENT Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

Besetment Trailer – 2017 Horror Movie starring Abby Wathen, Marlyn Mason and Michael Meyer
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About Besetment:
After struggling to find employment, Amanda takes a hotel position in a small town where she ends up fighting for her life.

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  1. Who else is in a 2017 horror movie trailer binge?

    • We’re sick aren’t we….

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    • Ayyy It’s Nikki me

    • Zethrael of Teldrassil

      Another binger right here!!! And, have my trusty Must See journal next to me

  2. Does anyone else think this is a direct rip-off of Norman Bates and his mother from Psycho?!?

  3. the camera angles and the way it’s shot is quite awful… I expected more from movies made in 2017! We are having more and more advantages from the evolution of technology!

  4. “What did you to me?”
    We cast in a shitty movie.

  5. this reminded me of the australian movie Hounds of Love but with an older couple in this.

  6. WTF is with this camera? My Xperia E5 can film better than this.

  7. Crazy mother


  9. that was semen in the syringe?lol

  10. Archivated Stories Krasniqi

    what is this movie ?! an final exam for students of acting school or what?!! i hate these low budget movies

  11. there were elements of several movies in this one, like at the end with a little boy wearing a mask stabbing a girl what movie does that remind you of.

  12. Oh God the camera angles, the acting, the sound track, it’s like this movie was made to make people puke because of pure cringe.

  13. my mum is way better than her

  14. This might seem interesting, if “Psycho” didn’t already exist. :/

  15. pedras preciosas Cristina


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