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Cat Adoption & Rescue: Tips for Adopting a Cat from a Shelter

– More great tips for raising a happy and healthy cat!

Cat Adoption & Cat Rescue: Tips for Adopting a Cat from a Shelter

Looking to adopt a cat or kitten? Caitlin Lewis from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton discusses everything you need to think about and do before, during, and after a cat adoption to ensure your new cat or kitten transitions smoothly into it's new home.

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  1. I have been planning to get a cat for years. Too bad I’m still a student (living in a student dorm that doesn’t allow pets) and I’ll even go study abroad in a few years so I’m going to have to wait until after I finish my studies  =(

  2. Senior Zombie Slayer

    Yes I agree people should get their pets from pet shelters! Come on save a life not be a selfish human being!!

  3. I want a cat so bad 🙁

  4. If you have a dog and want to get a cat at a shelter, should you take the dog in with you and see which cat will get along with the dog first before even deciding to get another cat? I have a dog who loves cats. He never barks at cats (only dogs). I had a cat since he was 3 1/2 months old and I broke the kitten in to be nice to my dog and they got along great. But on Sat. Jan. 18, 2014, my cat, 1 year and 11 months old never returned home after letting him out for the day. I always done that and he always came back, until that day. He’s still missing. He was neutered close to 4 months old. If he doesn’t come back some time this spring, I’m thinking of adopting a cat. But, I don’t want to bring a cat home if it’s going to be aggressive at my dog. I was thinking of taking my dog in to the shelter and see how the cats will react to my dog before deciding what cat breed I want. Have any advice for that? I’m not going to get another cat for a while because I’m giving my cat a chance to come back home before making the final decision in getting another cat. Plus, what breed is more accepting of dogs? I’ve been trying to find the info on YouTube, but what I was trying to look for, there isn’t any that applies to what I’m looking for.

    • in most countries people do that especially in neighborhoods and India

    • Why would you let your cat out unsupervised

    • +Devontrae Walls I completely conform that. My cat was let out this past Saturday January 18, 2014, but this time he didn’t come back as he normally has. He was going to be 2 years old on February 15. He still hasn’t come back since January 18. He has never done this before. He’d always come back that same night or the next day/night. When it starts raining and snowing, he wold instantly come back. But, he didn’t come back when it started snowing that night (January 18). That’s when I knew something was terribly wrong. My four theories are, he could of gotten run over or my neighbor killed him because they don’t like cats and dogs, he could of hid in my shed as he always had until I called him to come back in the house (especially when raining/snowing) but could of hid and died under stuff in the smaller shed,he could of got picked up by someone to get him out of the cold, but that never happened in previous year when he was 1 year old. He never went that far when he left my property. I checked when it got warmer outside, months later by peaking in the shed, but I didn’t see him. Recently, I asked my friend to take everything out of the shed so I can really check under his stuff and he had said yes. But, he couldn’t do it that day and he hasn’t come back yet. I haven’t taken my cat off of pet insurance through the ASPCA just in case he does come back. But, now I’m starting to debate if I should or not. Have been thinking about it for a while, but not that much. During winter time I have went to my neighbors’ housees and asked them if they saw him around, but they all said no. I went around the neighborhood too, calling out his name and purred after that as I always have, but he never came. A neighbor’s cat recently came into my yard to find my cat a few weeks ago, twice looking for him. That’s the only cat he liked. Otherwise he got aggressive at them when they were around the area and on my property. He only attacked one cat once, but the other cat had started it. And I know even though I didn’t see it because my cat never started it when I seen him staring at another cat. he stayed in one spot when the cat was on my property and when the cat was across the street or a few blocks down the street. That’s how I knew my cat didn’t start the fight. I miss my cat so much, but I have moved on 3 months later. But, I still think about him and holler out his name one in a while on my own property. Not around the neighborhood. I don’t holler out his name much anymore. Just once in a while out of the blue. 

    • He was an adult cat. But when he was a kitten… no. He started going unsupervised shortly after 1 year old. He always came back every single time, including throughout the winter time. Had no worries about him.  

  5. I just adopted my first cat ever from the shelter she is a 5 year old blue. she is perfectly trained and ended up in the shelter because her previous owner died. it has been a wonderful experience.

  6. RaccoonEggs sent me here

  7. The Outsider Studios

    Living alone a cat is a great addition. 

  8. They’re not pets they’re family. Get it right.

  9. I’m just 12, I live at Abu Dhabi. A year ago one cat a male Ginger Arabian Mau at the park caught my eye, and he just ran up to us, he was very friendly and would ask for food. We notice that he doesn’t have cuts on he’s ears just like the cats owned by the park, we suspect that he was abandoned there by he’s original owner. The next day we found him waiting at the same bench. We fed him first and took him home with us and he’s the best cat we had. Cooper is having a lot of fun playing with his friend Thinky who is a white Persian cat. Someday we will take them home in the Philippines and meet my other 4 cats there.

  10.  never adopted a cat from cat senctuaries, i got my first from a privat person, but i also have taken in 3 stray cats starving on the street and taken care of them.

  11. the cat will keep your child’s secrets, huh???


  13. We have 3 cats adopted from a shelter. It is a wonderful thing to rescue an animal who is waiting in the shelter sad in a cage …and give them a good loving forever home. adopting an adult cat is very good advice. They are more mellow and will be less work especially for a first time adopter or someone who is at work all day. Plus it is always harder to get adults adopted since people are always looking for kittens. Cats are great companions…. ours are part of our family!

  14. The Adventures of Mojo and Scout

    Always please #adoptdontshop and when getting kittens, always consider adopting in pairs! You can watch our rescue kittens show you why it’s a good idea 🙂

  15. I just adopted my sweet baby today 🙂 We already had 3 cats and a dog, so I wasn’t comfortable getting a kitten. However as soon as I saw her, I knew she was the one…and after only an hour of being here she layed on me, purring and kneading. She is honestly one of the nicest cats I’ve ever been around, she didn’t even hiss at any of the other cats. Defiantly adopt from a shelter/humane society…they all deserve loving homes.

  16. This video informative and extremely helpful

  17. I love kitty so much….

  18. This is a good video, but I think kittens do just fine in a home where people work, but I’d suggest getting two kittens  and also taking a couple of weeks vacation to watch them initially, get them adjusted. One thing I also did this time is spend a little time with kittens, pick them up one by one and see if they are fearful. They were relaxed and and kept their claws retracted. I ended up with two sweethearts, crazy active but completely non-aggressive who never use claws on me. I personally think a cat bed a waste of money. I bought it for my previous cat, and she ignored it. Cats sleep where they choose, you cannot make them sleep where you want them. More often it’s your bed or your sofa, but rarely what you buy for them. Oh, and from personal experience: examine your cats for no bald spots and keep new kittens quarantined in one room for a couple of weeks. I didn’t, and they had ringworm, and it cost me $$$ not just in vet bills, but also in cleaning up my place. Cleaning only one room is a lot easier. Adult cats is safer in this respect, kittens are more likely to have it. I got kittens from the rescue, but cats from breeder can have the same problem. A vet tech in the clinic I take my cats too had the same problem but with a purebred ragdoll kitten.

  19. I want one :c

  20. Adopt, don’t shop.

    • Pet shops have ppl that always come in, and they are pet lovers. So they get adopted. All the time.
      When I go to Bosley’s I always want to adopt the cats they have.
      But shelters don’t have ppl coming in for any reason but to adopt. And many ppl might think the shelter kitties are rejects. But they’re not. The owners just had to move or had a divorce or something.
      So adopt at a shelter everybody!

    • TheLegend27 Well, you shall rather adopt the poor cats first, not the ones that are living in good conditions in the shop.

    • So your saying that the pet shop cats should die unloved?

    • there are lots in my area kittens are everywhere senior cats too I’m gonna take a senior cat I’m asking my mom

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