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Christmas Hasselback Potatoes | Jamie Oliver

Jamie’s joined by his two little Christmas helpers for this recipe. Beautiful hasselback potatoes roasted in thyme oil and sprinkled with toasted blue cheese breadcrumbs.
Perfect to serve alongside your Christmas turkey and a fun principle you can try out on all root veg! Happy Christmas!

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  1. great idea. my daughter has a nut allergy so I will be compensating them with crispy lardons…

  2. im so hungry its crazy. Love Jamie, Best chef ever!

  3. I am gonna use sweet potatoes for this

  4. Hasselback potatoes are from the restaurant Hasselbacken (Hazel hillslide) in Stockholm.

  5. what,, how are the kids so cute and smart

    i couldn’t name the thyme or the hazelnuts,, thought they were walnuts lolz

  6. Wow, looks amazing. Thank you for sharing. Love new ways to make Holiday dinners special. You Rock.

  7. absolutely amazing and I love that nut and cheese and bread mixture on the top.

  8. May I ask if you are using a fan oven or conventional as I would need to ajust the heat.

  9. Its great seeing the children being gently educated in the ways of the kitchen, AND the special memories of all of you working together. These memories will warm them when they need some warmth. Good job, Dad! : )

  10. One of those potatoes – the big one – looks nauseatingly smug. That said, if you find yourself distrusting your own potatoes this Christmas do seek medical help in the new year. It could be a sign of significant mental health issues. Don’t bother the hospitals over Christmas though. Show at least some resolve. In case of doubt over how to behave, have a pop at your nan or an aunt or the Irish neighbour who brings round the tin of Roses.

  11. I miss the good old days with a lot of videos in a week :/

  12. What cheese was that?

  13. Ester Jana Kristjánsdóttir

    If you cut them on the other side are they then Hasselfronts? Burumm tshh…. 🙂

  14. Super!!! love them!!!

  15. It of cause depends of the meat -but I love garlic and the sweetness of the garlic when it get a bit burned

  16. Wanted to hear the kids say “Please sir can I have some more”  at the end

  17. “Create a mush for daddy”😂😂😂

  18. Jamie is the PG Gordon Ramsey.

  19. He’s still my favorite chef & I have a pic of him in my kitchen! I can’t wait 2 go 2 his restaurant in a few months & 2day I think that I’ll make these haddleback potatoes & it’s not even Christmas! I’ll just call them “Autumn ” hassleback potatoes!😊

  20. how could you NOT put garlic and butter in there???

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