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Creators Of ‘FakeTaxi’ Have Now Launched ‘SpaceTaxi’ Series

Just when we thought Fake Taxi took things to an extreme, the team at FAKEhub have decided to take things a step further and by 'a step further' we mean intergalactic. Yep, they're off to space in a new porn series dubbed 'Space Taxi'.

Space Taxi promises an abundance of action and comedy with super exciting hardcore sex scenes, and all revolves around futuristic taxi rides around the galaxy.

Something BIG is landing soon..

– Space Taxi :rocket::taxi: (@FakeTaxi) 6 October 2018

According to Trendzz, the series even features the original Fake Taxi driver, John, who has been cryogenically frozen on Earth and brought back to life in deep space.

Writer and director of Space Taxi, Dick Bush (convenient name), said: "I had pitched a few series ideas to the FAKEhub guys, including the upcoming 'Knockouts' series about wrestling, but it was the Space Taxi idea that really stood out.

"It's set 300 years in the future on board a sci-fi taxi, taking passengers throughout the galaxy. We get to meet all kinds of crazy characters and show utterly bizarre sci-fi story lines that we are extremely proud of. It's so much fun to make."

Credit: Twitter/Space Taxi

Credit: Twitter/Space Taxi

Dick continued: "Building a spaceship on the top floor of your house isn't very common. In fact it's pretty eccentric. But I did it anyway; it was kind of a hobby".

The first episode of the series, titled 'Princess of Mars' sees Space Taxi cabbie Ryan Ryder in a sticky situation when he's told to take Mars Princess, Alyssa Divine, wherever she'd like to go. We see where this is going…

If it sounds up your street it will be available to members of FAKEhub from today. Click here to join.

Credit: FAKEhub

Credit: FAKEhub

Production Director, Lew, told Trendzz: "We released the first FAKEhub Originals around 16 months ago, the same time we began making FAKE Hostel, and it's been wildly enjoyable creating all the original ideas and filming all the fun for these brands.

"We'd been discussing the idea of introducing a new on-going series under the FAKEhub Originals brand for a while and the stars aligned when I met the incredibly creative Dick Bush in London last summer.

"Since then we've been collaborating to create some very special new content for members of FAKEhub. Space Taxi is the first but there are many more exciting things coming up on the network."

It would seem that fans of FAKEhub are mighty excited, with one commenting on Twitter: "I fucking love it."

Another added: "Fake Taxi. Really Cool Idea, I long to here those British accents. On hot cyborg chicks with some type of weapon of something from some dimension."

Well, this really is one small step for man, one giant leap for Fake Taxi…

Featured Image Credit: FAKEhub

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