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Crock Pot Recipes How to cook an easy dinner in a crock pot

Once I learned how to cook meals in a crock pot I have been somewhat of a hero in my household. Always cooking up some great recipes int he crock pot. I like easy meals and those that last awhile. I also like coming home at the end of the day and having a meal ready to go. This slow cooker recipe is about as easy as they come and tasty as can be. Ham potatoes and green beans is all you need.

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  1. Great recipe! So you don’t have to cut up the ham at all?

  2. love this jazz its cool and sexey nunna

    I made this and man wasit good  we as fans of cindy need to see moor of hear crock pot cooking

  3. Thanks, you made simple and easy.

  4. Ezequiel Vazquez

    How do I get in them guts?

  5. This looks delicious! I’m just learning with this awesome ebook Can’t wait to try more complicated recipes like this one!

  6. From Brooklyn or Mississippi can’t tell!!!

  7. What happens if I use precooked ham would this recipe still work?

  8. is that ham cooked? Is it safe to eat ham thats cooked at such low temperature?

  9. What kind of ham do I buy?

  10. Not here for the food 👌

  11. love this jazz its cool and sexey nunna

    hi cindy  just want to tell you how much I love yoy pleas keep up with the crock pot cooking show  I al so want to say thank for your gun shows  I have a small question  I have a 6 quart crock pot but I need a lid for it whar can I get one can you help me thank you love you keepup the good work god bless

  12. I’m making this for Easter. You’re so right about not adding additional spices and flavorings, You don’t need ’em! Most supermarket hams are already hickory smoked so adding anything else is overkill.

  13. no salt or anything? just water?

  14. Nice tits

  15. U can use any kinds of green beans sounded sexy

  16. i love those tits. *gets the tissue…

  17. Absolutely gorgeous ❤️🌹

  18. Looks super good. Gunna tweak it a bit.

  19. Elizabeth Gutierrez

    have u done colon cleanse

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