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Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 965

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  1. Good premade teriyaki sauces from Yoshida and Panda Express (goes by Mandarin Sauce).

  2. Take my suggestion and add onions and Zucchini!! They’re sooo good in Teriyaki sauce

  3. Highly recommend using crock pot bags, make clean up and leftover storage a snap !!!

  4. I always like the videos before I watch from her😍

  5. Can’t help but stare at her while she is cooking…..

  6. Nice kitchen, a stove top on your island. Real cool. And btw, someone is a lucky guy with a Sicilian woman like you to have in their life.

  7. Ω…ΫŒΩ…ΫŒ سوشی

    yuo are talking toomuch πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  8. I would like try this, but what are the exact measurements?

  9. Can you make more crock pot recipes?

  10. Thank You so much !!! Making this right now !!!

  11. Should you be seasoning the chicken before?

  12. If you substitute the sauces for Teriyaki sauce how much do you use?

  13. Thanks Laura..I tried it and came out very well. Can you please add slow cooker pork chops recipes. Also more slow cooker recipes pls..

  14. This is such GREAT recipe!!! And I can’t have a lot of salt. Praise be to God that Mrs Dash has come out with some ready-made sauces and marinades, one of which is teriyaki !!!! So I can still enjoy this lovely recipe!!! Yay!!!!

  15. This is awesome, I’m just wondering why she separated the chicken from the vegetables after the slow cooked together, just to add them back together on the skillet?

  16. I would really like to see more recipes with mushrooms on this channel.
    Aaaand BTW , you’re my favorite! !!!!

  17. PLEASE do a spanish rice video. Maybe rice and beans would be great. We need ways to jazz up rice because it is a popular and easy side dish. PLEASE

  18. I love chicken but peppers are a gift from heaven.

  19. “In my little pot here, i’m gonna add my thighs”

  20. I lowkey wish you were my mom.

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