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Dark Chocolate Macarons – French Macaron Recipe – Meringue Cookies

Learn how to make Dark Chocolate Macarons! – Visit for over 700 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this French Macaron Recipe!

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  1. Adorable in french is…. adorable! 😂 you could also say Trop mignon! It means so sweet!

  2. u need to let ur macaroons sit till the tops feel tacky then bake them k?

  3. mhmm hamburger

  4. Macaroons are actually Italian

  5. I like the way he talks

  6. Do NOT call these macaroons. They are macarons.

  7. If you let the piped batter sit on the trays for 30 mins before putting them in the oven then you always get a foot. This allows the top to drag and harden before cooking.

  8. wow ,ok I just got to make them so I can eat them ,that is if I can snag one before my husband decides he likes them too. lol

  9. Emil-André Nordheim

    U need to dry them out before cooking, like 20-30 mins. u actually WANT to knock the air out during the macaronage stage 🙂

  10. I dont believe that this guy has no friends, he is amazing

  11. OMG I’d love to try those! Thank you!

  12. pour quelqu’un qui n’est français tu peux créer du magnifiques​ macarons. Tres délicieux

  13. “In a very clean bowl.” As opposed to all those recipes that call for a dirty bowl? XD

    • It’s a common tip for beating egg whites, as any bowl with even the tiniest amount of grease won’t make the egg whites rise when you beat them.

  14. I have no friends. LOL. Love your videos.

  15. I had to look it up and adorable in french really is adorable 😀

  16. I’m allergic to almonds, what can I use instead

  17. I always get confuses between macarons and macaroons – but I prefer macaroons.

  18. Gaiseric Saikokingu

    Chef John, you say you don’t have friends but I can see you have over 1.9 million friends, of course I’m included.

  19. they look like the poop emoji 💩

  20. French for adorable is …… Minion 🙂 (Mignon)

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