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Want to know what recipes you should be using to get the best use out of your crockpot? Stick around to find out!

Don't Starve Guide / Tutorial

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Don't Starve is created by Klei Entertainment and you can find out more below!

"Play as Wilson, an intrepid gentleman scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home. Enter a strange and unexplored world full of creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style. Play your way as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land."

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  1. Pdot The Deterimed Pines

    thanks before this i only knew 2 recapies by heart the butter muffin and the mandrake soup

  2. huh, can i get the recipe for CROCK POT ice cream, seems weird to make ice cream in a crock pot

  3. great job Volx

  4. When it comes to health and hunger game, nothing, yes, NOTHING can beat Trail Mix for how easy the ingredients are and how much stats it provides.

  5. Don't Starve Together Battle Arena

    Wolfgang + Dragon pie = op


  7. You can use frog legs in the place of morsels.

  8. Cockin’ up dope in the crock pot (pot)

  9. Cooking some better foods 😮 butter is not that rare thanks to by bumbumbum catcoon farms just fence cardoons in with flowers and watch as they kill the butter flys and sometimes birds so put some seeds down then you can also use volx goats to get more just a canary feather bang electric dart charge 1 and kill it volx goats Also give 2 meat each so kids multiple 5 x 2 so snag that dairy mandrakes are now renewable but how well my friends you have to have luck if your mama drakes spawn in the ruins then yay if not ur outa luck but if so mandrakes will regen cause ruin regen yay yay renewable mandrakes that’s all folks or should I say volx

  10. I love pierogi XDDD it sounds too good for people, coming from Poland XD

  11. i am new and i found 4 mandrakes and just ate them cooked.. i feel so dumb now.

  12. meh just stick meat for meaty stew

  13. The angry bird god of the midlands Fear me

    What about trail mix ?!?!?

  14. Sanity Answer: green mushrooms

  15. As an avid player, I am very surprised you didnt include honey ham/nuggets

    Honey Ham:
    1.5 meat
    2 honey (or 1 honey 1 veg/ice/berry)

    70 hunger 30 health 5 sanity.

    Honey Nuggets.
    .5 or 1 meat
    2 honey (or 1 honey 1 veg/ice/berry)

    37 hunger 20 health 5 sanity

    Two of the best items in the game for surviving long term.

  16. To niezłe pierogi xD

  17. I’m trying to make a pet tho it’s useless Idc and I needed to know fish sticks
    Or lazania (crappy spelling)

  18. Hey! It's me! The Idiotic Child! Vazquez

    *Why the hell am I hungry now?*

  19. Christopher Banacka

    I think this video is slightly out of date, the dragon pie on my DST game is NOT that much food at all. I think it is worth like 40/20 or something much smaller than shown in this video.

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