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Fan Reckons Thanos’ Hair Grows During Avengers Infinity War

Fans still have a while to wait for the fourth and final installment of the Avengers movie series, so it's the ideal time to give the first three a thorough re-watch.

And when I say 'thorough', I do mean thorough. So thorough, in fact, that one hawk-eyed viewer has spotted a tiny amount of hair growth on Thanos' big bald head.

Yup, taking to Reddit, one fan – using the name OblivionCv3 – shared screenshots at the impressive little detail, writing: "If you expand the image you can see that Thanos was completely bald in his first scene, but by the final scene he has some stubble on his head. Just a nice detail that the filmmakers kept their eye on."

But not everyone was convinced it was stubble with some thinking it might have been dirt – well, it's dirty work, all this attempting to destroy the world stuff, isn't it?

So, is it stubble or is it dirt? Moreover, have you ever spent so long looking at a CGI bald head? Nope? Me either.

Of course, as ever, with superhero movies, fans have gone into overdrive wondering what it could all mean – if it is stubble, is it just an unreal amount of attention to detail, or is it some sort of clue we're all missing?

Others were more interested in Thanos' grooming regime, with one person asking: "What kind of shaving cream do you think Thanos uses before he goes on an odyssey to annihilate half of all life?"

This latest little tidbit from the Marvel Universe comes as Avengers writers the Russo Brothers jokingly fired Mark Ruffalo after he dropped some spoilers while appeared on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Guys… can we talk about this?

– Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) October 7, 2018

Seemingly taking a leaf out of Tom Holland's book, Ruffalo accidentally slipped up and mentioned the name to host Fallon. Thankfully, Fallon didn't share the fuck up and instead censored the clip.

But not before he made Ruffalo worry a bit – taking to Twitter, he told the actor it was 'too late' for him to cut out the slip-up, shortly before the Russo brothers chimed in to tell the Hulk actor he was fired.

It looks like for now we'll all just have to wait and see what the title is going to be, but with the film due to be released some time in 2019, perhaps we don't have too long to wait.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel

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