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Funny Guilty Dogs Compilation (2013)

These dogs know they have done something wrong, and they don't make a good case for their innocence. There is no mistaking the "I did it" face, or the "please forgive me" roll over.

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  1. *dog circles happily*
    “Did you eat poo today?”
    *walks away*


  2. Dogs have got to be the worst liars in the world.

  3. It’s really interesting to hear what people named their dogs. I like Thor, though he really destroyed that shoe!

  4. The last dog trying to hide in plain sight yet still moving slowly towards an actual hiding spot like we can’t see you. lol just golden

  5. 4:57 The walk of shame.

  6. Last clip, walk of shame LOL

  7. Rawin Taychamekiatchai

    Dogs don’t always understand words. They might have no idea what is a ‘shoe’, but they do understand that their ‘human’ are not happy and they understand they get in trouble.

    One great way to train a dog, if dog poop in house or break your things, drag he/she to see the mess he/she cause. Speak with the tone that is clear that you are not pleased and make angry face. I suggest to use similar wording each time, because some dogs are smart enough to remember words.
    Additional punishment is optional. If the dog tries to run away, drag him/her back again. The sign that he/she understand is that he/she try to lay on belly with ‘worried and guilty’ expression. This gesture is not always for ‘I am sorry.’, it is more of ‘Please be mercy.’ sign.

    However, some dogs are dumb and don’t understand. They will understand you are angry, but don’t understand why. They will show you their belly too, but likely to repeat whatever bad things they did. Keep using this method till they learn.

    (To make this method more effective, make the dog likes you. Dogs are happy to please people they care about.)

    Wolf will show their belly to the superior wolf, the part that is easily wounded. It means that the wolf surrender and agree to let the superior decide its fate.

    • Rawin Taychamekiatchai. Certain breeds can remember more words than others. But all dogs can learn some

    • Nah, tbh that’s what I’ve done with all my dogs ever since I was a child.
      I have videos of my latest dog molly opening and closing doors on command.

      You’re totally wrong on this one, trialled and tested.

      you’re not hurting the dog, you’re using tone and association. the dog needs to learn just shitting in the house is a NO NO. when the dog does it by the back door or if it’s not very well for example, I wouldn’t even get mad, I’d apologise to the dog let it out and clean it before letting it back in the house, so it’s a mutual understanding.

    • Baehyungg & Jungshook poor poor poor wolfy

    • Rawin Taychamekiatchai poke poke poke

  8. Dog: If I look away maybe they won’t see me.

    Now if it was a cat…

    Cat: Yeah I did that, now stop bothering me or I’ll piss on your pillow.

  9. this dogs shows more guilt than the corrupted government officials

  10. You can see the progress of the crimes the dogs did , first they ate a pillow , than an elmo chair , and than a table .

  11. they have such a clear boddy language. its really fantastic! i love dogs.

  12. OMG, that last video! Hahahahaha. If that’s not the ultimate confession, I don’t know what is!

  13. pete holms brought mw here

  14. “This video makes me hungry”
                                                    -Asian people

    • You mean *East* Asians. Cause I am from South West Asia ( Middle East) we don’t eat dogs. Asia is the biggest continent on earth and almost 60% are asians……..

    • God I hate the Yulin people!

    • Well, it does not make me hungry at all. I have 2 dogs. I cook every each meal and make treats for them. I walk them every day and play with them. It is not because I am planning on eating them one day like you think. It is because I love them like my own children. Hope you think twice before you post anything like on line.

    • ha, I am of Asian descent and find your comment ignorant and degrading. I came to this video to laugh and enjoy not to fill any kind of “hunger” you might think all Asians have…. I might seem like I’m overreacting but all my life I’ve heard these kind of racist jokes and I’m sick and tired of hearing it. Grow up.

  15. Judge: ” Did you kill those peoples ”
    Criminal:  Rolls on floor looking sad
    Judge: ” Aww ill just put you on Probation”

  16. The way they’re exposing their bellies like that. That’s instinctive. When a wolf knows it’s done something wrong it will show a sign of submission to the alpha by rolling over and exposing their belly. I love that

  17. Dog: Maybe if i look away and completely ignore him he’ll go away 😂😂

  18. Owner: what did you do to the Elmo chair

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