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Glenn Thrush accuses Trump of ‘gaslighting’: His campaign ‘knew people were seeking dirt from overseas’

After former Donald Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo tried to blame President Trump’s legal problems on the haphazard nature of their campaign, New York Times reporter Glenn Thrush noted that was not a logical excuse to the charge that many people on the campaign knew of attempts to get dirt on Hillary Clinton from overseas sources.

“The argument that the campaign was haphazard and they didn’t have anyone who wanted to join it, yeah I get that, I was there at the time as Michael Caputo was just saying and yes it was haphazard and yes it wasn’t organized and you could walk into Trump Tower and get a meeting with Don Jr. or Jared Kushner or anybody,” MSNBC anchor Katy Tur remembered.

Tur authored the book, Unbelievable: My Front-Row Seat to the Craziest Campaign in American History recounting her experience as an embedded NBC News reporter covering the Trump campaign.

Introducing Glenn Thrush from the New York Times, Tur noted that there was still something she didn’t understand about President Trump.

“But what I still don’t understand, besides the pattern of lying and then remembering, to this day, Glenn, the president still won’t say a negative thing or broach a negative thing about Russia or about Vladimir Putin and that’s been consistent from day one,” Kur explained. “He’ll go after anybody for anything. He’ll go after the Pope, he’ll go after Republican members of congress, he will go after Gold Star families, the one person he does no go after ever, is Vladimir Putin.”

“You know, Manafort set up a policy office…and they never paid anybody,” Thrush noted. “It’s funny when they talk about people being volunteers — they were involuntary volunteers.”

“It’s true, Michael Caputo had issues with getting paid by this campaign,” Tur replied.

“But he’s also gaslighting a little bit because we’re talking about completely separate issues here,” Thrush noted. “A whole lot of people on this campaign — and presumably this is what Mueller’s office is looking at right now — had knowledge that people were seeking dirt from overseas sources.”

“That’s not kosher,” Thrush concluded.


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