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Hanson-Scary Movie 2

Classic scene by Chris Elliott as Hanson from Scary Movie 2

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  1. they don’t make movies like these anymore (with tears..of laughter)

  2. No wonder he’s called Hanson = “Hands” on

  3. “idk what the hell that is, but i lick it anyway ” 😂😂😂😂

  4. He looks like a homeless man in a suit hahahaha

  5. Hanson: “Ok now. Dig in.”
    *Everyone just stares at him* 😂😂💀

  6. 3:57 that laugh has me dying everything

  7. Shorty saying
    “rest that little hand”
    the best

  8. The dinner scene was the best part of this whole movie. HAHAHAHAHAA.

  9. My germs! “coughs all over the pie” lol

  10. Constantino Castellano

    I remember watching this in the theatre and the bit where the butler coughs into the pie had the entire place roaring with laugher. I don’t think the cough was scripted, it sounded pretty genuine.

  11. I’ve seen just about every comedy in existence. All of the best comedy films. When this first came out and I watched this scene for the first time, I have never laugh so hard in my life. I had tears coming down my face and buggers coming down my nose. It was just a pure natural reaction to the scene. Never have I laughed so hard in my life even to this day. I think I lost it when he says “Helliwafffaaaa” with the turkey on penis. hahaha.

  12. His laugh when he got scared ahahaha

  13. my germs
    *everyone laughs*
    my germs
    *everyone laughs*

    *mushing of pie*

    pissed myself!

  14. “How bout a leg?”


  15. I dunno what the Hell that is…but I’ll lick it anyways,

  16. Happy Thanksgiving People lol

  17. “tickle tickle.
    beep boop. beep boop on the nose :3”

  18. You know a lot of people are kind of intimidated about making a turkey, but really it’s very simple you just have to know the anatomy of a turkey and it’s got over here just the tiniest little stink-hole.. But it’s big enough to get your hand right up inside and…. UGHHHH….UGHHHH…Stuff the sh*t out of it !!! I cook it with all the giblets…The penises and the gines. And now a lot of people like to baste their turkeys, but I use this…I just lick like that…..Get into the little hiney-hiney hole..HMMMM-HMMM , That’s nice and good.. I don’t know what the hell that is, but I lick it anyway…Up and Down…And then I like to stick that right on there…..HIAWATHA!!!!

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