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Homemade Eggnog Recipe – How to Make Classic Christmas Eggnog

Learn how to make Homemade Eggnog! Go to for the ingredient amounts, more information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Classic Christmas Eggnog recipe.

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  1. The Big Fish - Classic WoW and more!

    Where’s the cinnamon at?

  2. You’re the Kermit the frog of your Christmas egg nog? lol what does that even mean?

    • weeweeim. . In every video he says the same thing but changes the words to rhyme with the food he’s making. So the pattern is to simply come up with a name of a famous person whose name rhymes. It means that you are in charge of the finished product since you’re the cook.

    • weeweeim hes talking about his voice probably

    • I believe he’s referring to the Kermit the frog meme where he’s drinking iced tea and says something snarky followed by “but that’s none of my business”

    • In case it’s worth mentioning and nobody knows/remembers, Kermit the Frog and the entire “Muppets” cast partnered with the Sesame Street cast for a Christmas Special. So I believe the Kermit the Frog rhyme fits! It’s called, “A Muppet’s Family Christmas”.

    • don’t forget that’s right!

  3. This dude talks like he’s singing or something

  4. I keep laughing that a lot of people in the comments are complaining about his voice lol!

  5. worst voice pattern ever.

  6. I can not stand his cadence and pitch inflections. I really wanted to see the recipe but I literally can’t

  7. But I’m too young to drink that kind of eggnog.

  8. This dude will over explain temperature but his measurements are barely present

  9. his tone of his voice is repetitive it goes up then it goes down

  10. I thought this was meant to be hot? Why would you drink something very cold when it’s already freezing at Christmas and you need to warm up

  11. You forgot the cayenne

  12. You rock

  13. Naugas are almost extinct today.  Pity one was sacrificed to make that mat.

  14. I’m not crazy about the fact the egg whites are not pasteurized or cooked in this recipe. Although, at least the yolks are cooked, and my understanding is that the yolks do carry most of the salmonella risk.

  15. 0:58 exactly how I used pile up the shake back when I smoked

  16. His tone has me messed up! And I like my nog really thick.

  17. You, sir, are too precious ! Thank you for being on Youtube, your every videos always make my smile

  18. Hello, this is Chef John from FOOD Wishes dot com, WITH… EGGnog! That’s right, have you EVer eaten a bowl of custard…. and thought to yourself… “this is good but I WISH I had more nutmeg… AND ALSO I’d like to be able to DRINK it.” Well GOOD news! This ICONIC Christmas beverage might be just the THING. And I KNOW I did some recent anti-EGGNOG tweets…… but I was mostly down on the STOREBought kind that tends to be WAY too THICK And TOo SWEET….. And Not tO MeNtTIOn doesn’t contaIN any WHISKEY. So I thought i thought i’d go ahead and show you how to make the REAL stuff.

    Actual first sentences copied down with pitch fluctuations in caps. I think I cracked his voice. He fluctuates whenever there is an important word in the sentence. His teachers probably told him to put emphasis on the important words and he took it TOOOOOOO far.

  19. Cayenne can’t hurt.
    Also, as with every kitchen operation hands are washed and washed frequently. So oiil on skin ruining whites isn’t true to my 8 years as pastry cook. Not once.

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