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Homemade French Fries Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 593

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  1. Yeah laura we were

  2. A esto yo le llamo mensajes subliminales jajaja lo que sea para hacerlo feliz 😍

  3. What quart size is that pot

  4. Came for the fries ended up staying for her lmao… Sexy

  5. When you have no food at home so you watch videos to make you feel more hungrier

  6. i made them they turn out good

  7. make pasta

  8. can you show how to make home made potatoe wedges

  9. I remember drying em one-by-one but then it became Mash Potatoes when I was done with it.

  10. Tried this tonight wow how crispy the chip were thanks Laura x

  11. why are you so beautiful Laura?

  12. Kajun Means Seasoned Not Hot!

    Cut potatoes, heat oil to pot 375 fry for 12 minutes soft inside crisp outside without the BS of soaking and frying twice

  13. the first time u fried them in low heat they absorb alot of oil

  14. McDonald’s French Fries is the best I ever tasted.

  15. figured this trick out by accident years ago. Cooking fries for an annual motorcycle club party. we would fry a couple lbs to be ahead and keep them in a roaster on warm and re drop them in the oil briefly before serving when people ordered them. Absolutely have to fry them twice for perfect fries.

  16. Can they be frozen?

  17. why do i always watch these videos in the middle of the night…

  18. Mine would probably not look like this. Looks so good.

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