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Horror Movie Daycare

She loves the little hell-raisers.

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  1. SCP’s Daycare basically

  2. you know what if this existed that woman should either be mentally checked or given a medal of courage and determination

  3. Can this actually be a movie please. It would be cute, terrifying, and hilarious all at the same time.

  4. 1:07 “I’ve always loved twerking with kids.”

  5. Am I the only one who found this oddly endearing?

    Despite all the crazy going ons, these characters are still kids, and the teacher treats them as such.

    … Maybe I’m just a sap, I dunno.

  6. Danny you want a juice box 
    Danny isnt here ms daisy only tony now
    Does tony want a juice box 
    I loved this

  7. Imagine the Winchester brothers being dropped off here as kids

  8. I wish they made a TV series about this.

  9. She has a REALLY high tolerance for weird. I honestly think there might be something supernaturally wrong with her.

    • My theory is that she actually /was/ one of those Creepy Children – and yeah, she’s cursed. By adulthood she’s learnt to control and tone it down. She knows that most people wouldn’t believe in these kids, so she pays it forward and now directs this daycare.

    • +steven smith Yeah that’s true. But after a while of weird/creepy/difficult, the person gets used to it; they have to (they’d lose their minds if they don’t cope). You can’t just leave a group kids uneducated and uncompliant to society, you know?
      Just like how a nurse can’t neglect their (very) difficult (often screaming or combative) patient.

      For a humor video, we’re kind of getting deep into it xD
      good convo tho~

    • +RikkiRikki The look she gave when she was handed the book could have meant/ugh, i’ve read this a hundred times already. Instead of/oh no, i have to read the necronomicon.

    • I think that that is the place I should’ve been sent to as a small child. I would have fit right in.

  10. anyone else seen the danganronpa version of this video?

  11. Who else would want to go to this daycare?

  12. This needs to be a TV series.

  13. 2 things. 1: they need to make a YouTube series about this.
    2: I can already see the fan fiction…

  14. Does Dean and Sam from supernatural have a sister I’m not aware of?

  15. This would actually be an interesting premise for a movie.

  16. So…. This is The Ultimate Despairs in real life….

  17. Located in Night Vale

  18. Ah, “Necronomicon Ex-Mortis”, an excellent choice. These kids know their literature.

    • +William Bear
      Evil Dead is an original script, not an adaption. Don’t confuse it with Lovecraft’s works, which were clearly an inspiration for the book in the film.

  19. It took me a minute to realize she was writing MURDER not REDRUM

  20. This teacher is fucking awesome!

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