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How To Make A Horror Movie

As people who are absolutely terrified by horror movies, we thought we'd try to make one ourselves. Or at least, how we think horror movies are made.

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Special thanks to:
Dennis Yin ( )
Sze Yun
Sze Yin
Daniel Tan
Alyssa J. Yeoh

Soundtracking by: Nick Davis ( )
Make Up & Gaffing by: Qikit ( )
Produced & Sound by: Bryan Lim
Production Assistance by: Jean Chu
Videography by: Raffi Thng
Written & Directed by: Ming H.


Bryan LYT:
Ming Y:
Ming H:

Audio file(s) provided by

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  1. Epic!! 🙂

  2. This is how thai comedy-horror movies were made.

  3. who was using the comments section as a protection?

  4. Dont Worry Bae *ARMY* will Always Hunting U

    yeah.. school is the right place to make horror movie

    • Dont Worry Bae *ARMY* will Always Hunting U

      +chubey gameing yeah. me too… i hate school so much… but now its not. cuz …. im quit it. ahahhaa

    • i get it because lots of people dont like shcool

    • Dont Worry Bae *ARMY* will Always Hunting U

      +Rhonan Tumaclas yes 。^‿^。 im ARMY too.. my bias is Rapmonster. ahahaha

    • I.M Fantasy Future Wife In my city, the kinder-garden is the scariest place. Immagine entering a gate inside an arc mad of stone, then you will see a very small rectangular garden going downhill with some trees. During winter, as there are no leaves, the lamps on the street light everything inside the garden and the trees cast some extremely creepy shadows all over the building, which is full of windows. Just immagine all those black windows, the building covered in shadows from the bare trees while its snowing…

  5. “Never lose your bottlecap”

  6. But I think they missed another essential horror movie detail where the main character always asks the “hello?! Is someone there?” like as if the ghost will reply “yes, i am here”… LOL

  7. anyone realise that there is something outside the door when the chair is moving?

  8. this should be funny but it’s so creepy tho

  9. Dude take your bottle cap tomorrow. Man

  10. Nurul Jannah Mohd Anuar

    just how far the bottle cap rolled into the school? XD

  11. ‘I found my… bottle cap… Weuu!’ – that made my day. 😀

  12. Whose checking the comments for jump scares😂😂

  13. who in the good damn world will make a horror in a the perfect day

  14. the baddest reason of all time “my bottle cap rolled off somewhere into the school”

  15. I’m sorry but the accents are killing me

  16. I came with a need to make a horror movie…

    I left with a need to make a comedy movie.

  17. my bottle cap rolled off somewhere in the school and now water keeps falling out. priceless.

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