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Indian Lunch Box Ideas – Part 3 | Kids Lunch Box Recipes | Quick Lunch Box

Kids Lunch box recipes

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  1. really awesome recipes

  2. Please fast forward your videos

  3. Roll into small ball ådd a some topping look good to eat for breakfast and lunch and for snack for the school lunch

  4. Indian has the best recipe 😍😍 i love indian food

  5. Instead of using oil for paratha use Desi ghee that would be much healthier n tasty too

  6. Simple ideas. great

  7. That rajma burger is the best 😋

  8. I made your vegetable rice and it was delicious. Kids loved it. Thank you.

  9. What is bread crumps

  10. Asha Khanchandani

    very lovely

  11. Jazak Allah nice mam

  12. Shampa Bhattacharya

    Very nice recipe.easy to cook.

  13. You re too slow…

  14. Btw, doesn’t the raita or the yogurt turn sour in the lunch box by the time lunch time rolls around???

  15. I’m a student and i have promised my bro to make him tasty lunches…..that’s why I’m watching these😃😃
    Love from Pakistan

  16. Very very easy and healthy

  17. I used to carry Dubba full lunch. Because I have to share it 😇😇 miss those days

  18. Shweta Sehgal Mittal

    Great share 😋

  19. Hassan Hassan
    Who is this dirty fellow? How dare to say about Indians?

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