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Kim Kardashian Reveals Kylie Jenner Isn’t Upset About KKW Beauty: ‘She’s So Supportive’

Kim Kardashian has launched her own beauty line, and on the new ‘KUWTK,’ she reveals that Kylie Jenner doesn’t think she’s trying to steal her throne at all! So what WAS Kylie’s reaction?

Kourtney Kardashian, 38, and Scott Disick, 34, hash it out in the Nov. 12 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashiansafter he’s not invited to Khloe Kardashian‘s birthday party, and Kim Kardashian, 36, returns to the public eye!

Kim announces that she’s debuting a beauty line, and her friend Jonathan Cheban is on board, but a little wary. He asks Kim how her sister Kylie Jenner, 20, is feeling about it. Obviously, Kim is going to be competing somewhat with Kylie’s Lip Kits! But Kim’s answer is surprising: “She’s really so supportive of it.” Glad to hear it!

“I’m launching KKW Beauty, and it’s so exciting to do something on my own,” Kim explains in a confessional. “For the past decade, my sisters and I have always had a licensing deal. But going to [owner] is such a big deal and it’s more responsibility.” She heads to New York City to speak at a Forbes summit, and delivers the news of her beauty line to the public!

Meanwhile, Kourtney reveals she’s flying to France over the 4th of July holiday to spend time with Younes Bendjima, 24. “She’s going to see her French croissant,” Khloe jokes.

Later, Kim is accused of doing blackface when the photo shoot for her KKW Beauty contour sticks come out, and she’s upset that the pics were misconstrued. “The photos ended up being darker than I was, and people online said the photos are inappropriate,” Kim says in a confessional. Of course, that wasn’t her intention at all, and you’ll remember that she responded to the controversy back in June. “You have to own up and not hide,” Kim adds.

Khloe’s fam throws her a surprise birthday party, and everyone has a blast…except Scott, who wasn’t invited due to his despicable behavior in Cannes. As a result, he explodes at Kourtney, since she’s the one who didn’t want him there. Kourt holds back, and decides that she needs to have a real conversation with him and be honest.

They meet again, and Kourt says what she really wanted to. “I feel like you think you can go out and do whatever you want and purposely try to hurt me and still get invited to everything,” she tells Scott. “When someone’s trying to f*ck with me I’m not into having them at my sister’s party,” she declares. Good for you, Kourt!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s ep?

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