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Kitten Rescue!

On Tuesday, August 17, 2010, volunteers from All for Animals rescued 6 kittens and their devoted mama. The kittens are all healthy and about 7 weeks old. They were all transported to the Animal Shelter Assistance Program in Santa Barbara, where they will receive a vet check and spayed/neutered. For adoption information, call ASAP at (805) 683-3368.

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  1. I have nothing critical to say.  God bless you for caring

  2. Takes mama from her babies, put’s her in a cage and says, “you’ll have a wonderful life?” I’m confused. in a month they will put her down because she can’t get adopted. Yeah some wonderful life.

    • +gwaga lopez  Mama was FAR from a feral. To go right up to humans like she did she had been someones pet.

    • I agree.  And another consequence to “rescuing” feral cats in the woods is that the mouse and rat population will grow exponentially and then those sweet girls and their families who live nearby will have another problem to deal with, and it won’t be pleasant.

  3. I think the were happy in the woods all together as a family. That lady just separated the mommy and her kittens -_- so much for wonder life -_-

  4. Unless you are all idiots, they must be caught in order to spay and neuter them. This is a vicious problem, there aren’t enough homes for the amount of kittens born.

  5. Kittens should not be separated from their mom before at least 10 weeks. Listening to the woman call the cage the cat’s new home was downright disturbing. I hope these cats are doing well.

  6. Ilovemykittenyla Lolilovecats

    this kinda upsets me.. why not let all of them come together and not be separated? just imagine your family together and then you get separated and never see them again

    • Ilovemykittenyla Lolilovecats because if they stay with mom they’ll continue trying to nurse and it’s painful and annoying to mom. They’re old enough to not need her anymore

  7. Gee ‘whizkid338′ they do look awfully wild being loved and hugged! BTW: Cats are domesticated. [If you saw abandoned kittens and cats; maybe you’d realize how ridiculous your opinion is]. You sure aren’t living up to that name here…Howabout doing something awesome to save some innocent animals from others’ despicable behavior?

  8. Rescue groups take the kittens, keep them for months while they’re still cute, then put them in cages when they look like adult cats and pressure people into adopting the adults. No kitten for you! Only crazy cat ladies who work for rescues and have 40 cats in their house are allowed to raise kittens! Seriously, this is how many of them operate, and then they wonder why they have such a hard time adopting them out. There’s nothing wrong with adopting an adult cat, and all cats are great, but if you want a kitten be prepared to wait 3 months until the crazy cat ladies are willing to part with it.

    • Sadly this is pretty true… 
      I would suggest to any who really want to be part of the solution to seek out areas where feral cats are know to live, trap the females and have them fixed. If they are many generations removed from domestication they can be released back and do just fine. Kittens are very often abandon by feral mother and left to die. Strays are a big issue here in Az and even the  smallest amount of effort helps greatly.

  9. Why take the kittens away from the Mama? I could tell from the look in her eyes she was looking for her babies.

    • +Alyssa Earnest
        Thanks for making that clearer for me.

    • Robin Redbreast because they’re old enough to not need her. They should be eating solid food but if they stay with mom they’ll continue trying to nurse and it’s painful and obnoxious for the mother

  10. I agree. Cats and. Kittens. Don’t need to be in. Cages. I don’t like when kittens. And there mommy gets. Different. Homes its just. Cruel. I love. All kinds of. Cats my kids love them too

  11. I want NO BGMs.
    I want cat meowing, making noise. NO MUSIC!

  12. So they are going to have a wonderful life with the mother and kittens separated, and the mother probably trapped in that tiny cage for months?  What kind of “rescuers” would separate a mother and her kittens like that?  That is just cruel.

  13. this video is creepy. why are those dizzy fake-sweet American bitches taking the kittens away from their mother? what’s “wonderful” about that?

    silly American cows.

    • +jannisares
      your comment doesn’t count; because you are way past the response deadline. so i win and you lose. better luck next time.  

    • +Mike Ryan Thank you for proving my point.

    • +jannisares
      hey, buzz off, you weirdo. 

    • A little troll here, what a surprise. Obviously you don’t know cats. Momma was ready to be spayed, her kittens are almost ready to be adopted. They all get a new life that doesn’t require going hungry or cold. They get to go to homes where they always have food and shelter. They don’t have to worry about being eaten by a bigger predator. What animals have you bothered to rescue lately?

  14. So the momma cat is homeless, its kittens are all dirty as can be, woman says: “thank you for being such a good momma”. Thats that feminism dumbassery right there.

  15. Thank you for caring but do not separate the mom from the kittens she was clearly distressed.

  16. I know what they did was the right thing, I just feel bad for them having to leave their little jungle freedom and put in a cage. And then being told ‘this is your new life’. I hope they were all adopted by the chances are never good.

  17. D-Did you just separate those kittens from their Momma?! Were they even winged?! How is this a new wonderful life by putting them in cages?! I understand that they need to be where people can see them in order to adopt them but they looked happier in the woods. 🙁

  18. wrestlingconnoisseur

    “You gonna have such a wonderful life…”

    Six days later, mama cat is euthanized.

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