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LAKE ALICE Trailer (2017) Horror Movie

Lake Alice Trailer – 2017 Horror Movie starring Brando Eaton, Michael Shamus Wiles and Peter O'Brien
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About Lake Alice:
The family Thomas goes out to their cabin in the woods to celebrate Christimas together with their daughter and her boyfriend. But their first x-mas together may be their last.

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  1. he is pure evil and can never be killed. hm, didn’t they do this movie already?

  2. The guy wearing mask is me in the next 10 years. It’s fun right? Fucking people up. Giving them a dose of fear. People tend to forget what monsters lurk in the dark corners.

  3. The killer is the boyfriend. Horror Tropes 101

  4. Masked (most likely white guy) killer is after some white girl and has to slaughter some rich white family because his prey is near them while they were doing rich white people stuff… yeah…

  5. havent they made this movie like a trillion times before?

  6. this looks dope

  7. Lmao fucking aids my boiiii

  8. “its tradition” well so is this generic white family scary movie. the scariest thing about this trailer is the lack of colored people.

    • I don’t think adding people of color would make the movie any better

    • Alexandre Engelhardt

      Btw, would you also get salty if an african made movie had no positive portrayal of white dudes ?

    • Alexandre Engelhardt

      Would you rather have a token black guy included in just to be killed first after yelling “DAYUM” ? This is Hollywood we’re talking about, black folk should actually feel relieved that screenwriters don’t feel obligated to create “black” characters who would just end up being ridiculous and stereotypical.

    • PlexusByKyra oh great, an SJW. Boo hoo there are no black people.

  9. ʞɹɐp sɹɐəʇ əuıʍ

    god, if only i had the money to make a movie, id put these hollywood morons to shame with my scenarios.

  10. they are trying to make it like sinister but he doesn’t kill kids just anybody he see look

  11. This better not be one of those hour of stupid dialogue between a family no one cares about, and ends with 20 minutes of action

  12. Watch Lake Alice >>

  13. This is so different from other horror movies. . . . . NOT.

  14. Total waste of time……..

  15. i wish i could have my time back from watching this

  16. Who is the man at the end of the film?? O_o


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