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Lycanthropy | Full Horror Movie

#KingsOfHorror presents: Lycantrophy

A detective has to journey into the dark heart of his modern metropolis to investigate a routine murder, but finds the secret truth behind an ancient myth.

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  1. The first victim, the young woman, on the coroner’s table, jugular vein throbbing and her chest is rising ,she is breathing. LOL At least hold your breathe.

  2. eyes moved when she on slab 5mins 30 ish LOL

  3. Sorry, but I can’t endure another moment (1:00.27) of this movie. It should have been titled “The Dumbest, Most Naive, Wimpiest, Police Detective in The UK.” A policeman being physically harassed by to women bouncers in a club during a police investigation…and not arrested? REALLY? Yeah, that’s believable.
    Oh, and his wife…she’s plain right irritating. I wouldn’t sleep on the couch; i’d sleep in another place…far from her!

  4. You deserve 1million subs !!! Thanks for this movie

  5. 6.30 t0 6.40 we can see her breathing… doc says she is killed 🙂 🙂

  6. I prefer the fuzzy ones with fangs & claws!! Bullocks!! LOLOL

  7. I just fucking love the king of horror the movies are so good you will want more

  8. Love it, total crazy!

  9. I’m not much on Werewolf movies.Thanks for the upload though. Some will enjoy.

  10. Underground Warrior

    A thousand times plus thumbs down on this movie. Very boring. Had me nodding out. And no big hairy werewolves with sharp claws and canines. Big waste of time to watch this movie. I recommend to watch something else. Just go to the theater and spend a few dollars to see a movie you just might like.

  11. been looking for this for ages, thank you!

  12. lol 6:40-6:500 a living breathing corpse

  13. We need a good Wolfman vs Big Foot movie! That would be awesome. My vote is the Wolfman would feret the BF out of hiding and kick its arse!

    • I wouldn’t be so sure of that. BF is strong enough to smash the wolfman’s head like a watermelon. But still a movie with both of them would be very cool to watch.

  14. The wife is just stupid! She married a detective, did she not know he would be on call at all hours? Sheesh! She’s whining like he’s treated her badly, when she doesn’t understand or support him at all!

  15. What type of pathologist doesn’t remove the sheet but peeks under it??

  16. is there a soundtrack list?

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